Grab Ultimate Ears Blast & Megablast for an ultimate sound experience

Grab Ultimate Ears Blast & Megablast
Grab Ultimate Ears Blast & Megablast
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Are you in to enjoy an ultimate music experience? Then, the new Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast Speakers are just perfect for you. These Bluetooth speakers from Ultimate Ears are the latest to grab for any music lover.

Designed carefully in the most sleek and stylish looks, these speakers come incorporating WiFi and Amazon Alexa integration. Amazing sound effects and a powerful battery go hand in hand on these newly launched speakers from the house of UE.

Needless to say, but music comes alive on both these wireless speakers that offer awesome audio performance with a complete 360 degree effect.

Sleek Looks: In looks, both these speakers look quite similar to the previously launched Ultimate Ears Boom and Megaboom Bluetooth Speakers. The shape is still cylindrical, so they can be easily fitted anywhere in a compact way. Both these new speakers sport a woven material covering in eye catching colors.

These pretty looking speakers feature the same old 360 degree design for delivering an even music and sound experience. Moreover, both these speakers carry a waterproof body that comes certified with IP68 Certification against water and splashes.

Blast is definitely the smaller version out of the two speakers with bigger LED and the small UE logo on it. On the other hand, Megablast is the bigger and prettier  speaker with better sound performance.

The white LED right there on the top of these speakers will act as an indicator when the Alexa is functioning and is listening to the user.

Bluetooth Enabled: As mentioned earlier, Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast are both bluetooth enabled speakers. Both these speakers have been crafted to offer bluetooth connectivity upto 150 feet.

Powerful WiFi: Another highlight of these premium speakers from the house of Ultimate Ears is that it supports WiFi. You just need to connect it to WiFi and enjoy endless music online from your smartphone or another similar gadget.

In fact, the WiFi capability of these speakers offers a superb 330 foot range that is hardly supported by any other similar speaker.

Alexa Integration: The feather in the cap for both these Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast speakers is the fact that they come with proper Alexa’s integration. You can easily control music on these speakers by using some simple voice commands.

In fact, when connected with WiFi, you can even instruct the speakers through voice to dim lights or play your favourite music.

Battery: Those who have already bought the Ultimate Ears Blast Speakers are all praises for its 12-hour battery life that is more than sufficient to roll in party. At the other hand, MegaBlast battery is capable of lasting for as long as 16 hours.

Price & Availability: All you need to spend to buy Ultimate Ears Blast is $229.99, and $299.99 for Megablast Speakers.

Feel free to pick any of these speakers in eye catching color options like Graphite Black, Merlot Red, Blizzard White, Lemonade Yellow, Mojito Green and Blue Steel.

We would also like to add that both these speakers from Ultimate Ears are easily available for online purchase on the official site as well as portals like Amazon.