Google Clips- Innovation at its Best!

Google Clips
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Innovation was at its best at the recently held Google Event that took place a couple of days in San Francisco. Apart from the much awaited Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2XL smartphones, Google unveiled another amazing product called Google Clips.

Unlike a digital camera that has a lens and a sensor along with a display to see what you are clicking, the newly launched Google Clips is a camera without any display.

This smart and sleek machine launched by Google allows you to take pictures with utmost ease through its shutter button. Another remarkable thing to note about Google Clips is that it can very well recognize the face and look for the most suitable moment to click or record.

Design: With looks quite similar to a camera, Google Clips is probably the most suitable thing ever launched by Google in the recent times. This is indeed the most approachable gadget that can be easily slipped into a pocket or small purse too! Thanks to sleek 2 inch square design!

Camera Specifications: Google Clips incorporate a superb 12 MP Sensor right below its 130 degree view lens. With an amazing 16 GB Internal Storage, this smart gadget has been designed to take 15 fps bursts of images at a time.

130 Degree View: The best thing about Google Clips is its functioning and all you need is to twist the lens to turn it on instantly. These powerful clips enable you to see a complete 130 degree view for recording and clicking videos and images.

Face Recognition: As told before, face recognition is one of the key features of Google Clips that actually learns and recognizes faces over a period of use and after clicking pictures of a same person on a frequent basis. This is not all, it can easily recognize pets too!

Easy to Clip: As the name suggests, Google Clips are meant to be clipped anywhere and anytime for utmost ease. You can easily clip it to your pocket and get the best images clicked and videos recorded without letting the other person know about it.

Swipe and Save: All you need is to swipe and save the images clicked on Google Clips right there on your smartphone. You can delete the images with the same swipe again and tap a few buttons to easily erase less interesting clips clicked on this mini gadget.

Ease Preview: At the same time, tapping the clip lets you trim a video recorded the way you wish to edit it and even get a still image out of it. You can also turn on the live preview through an app on this smart gadget to see what is in view of the camera and click the shutter button from a remote distance.

Easy to Export: This is not all, you are free to export images clicked on Google Clips as GIFs, JPEGs, Motion Photos and other movie files too.

Price & Availability: You need to spend a hefty $249 to buy a pair of Google Clips from Google Store.

Google Clips comes in only one color combination of white at the front and teal at the back side.