Google Assistance

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Google Assistant first came about in May 2016 when Google launched it at the I/O Google Conference. Google Assistant is basically a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Google has made it quite evident that Google Assistant will now be the future and will be present in all future phones and also in your home. If you are in need of answers, your Google Assistant will be there to answer all your questions or provide you with whatever information you need.

The Google Assistant Features

The Google Assistant is simply a virtual assistant and it is considered to be an upgrade of the Google Now and Ok Google voice controls. The Google Assistant is conversational and will understand what you are trying to say or ask it, and will help you get things done. It will be able to help you find what places to go to, timings, availability and locations, and will also help you navigate the way.

Google Assistant is on Android and it is convenient to use and also very helpful in times of need of information. It will be on your device and will be able to detect all your information about where you work, your travel plans, your meeting locations and your likes and interests. The Google Assistant will present you all these features through cards and reminders. The Ok Google also helps you do other things such as send messages, check your meetings and appointments and much more.

If you are searching for places to eat, your Google Assistant will give you a list of restaurants and cafés in your area as suggestions. If you are looking up movie timings, it will give you a list of the nearest cinemas playing movies and their show times. It will also take over your navigation. If you need to get home, you can ask your Google Assistant to guide you home through the shortest route.

The Google Assistant will also assist you in your travelling needs. If you need to know about your flight status, when your trip is schedule for, it will give you all the details from your phone. The Google Assistant will also help you kill time by giving you programs to watch or Netflix, or you can watch videos from your phone. It also provides you with game options, where you can click on the panel show game which is behind the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ command.

According to Google, the Google Assistant is much smarter than Alexa or Siri because it has more knowledge about the world, and it does exactly what you will tell it to do. Google Assistant is also related to all other Google apps like Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Home and Ok Google, which makes it a much more stronger and reliable app to have on your phone because it won’t provide you with wrong or misguided information. The Google Assistant is smart in such a way that it not only connects with your phone but also connects with your entire personal life.