Google Analytics is just getting better by the day!

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Google analytics which the most crucial and handy tool in finding the trends and changes in your data just got a new feature. At Google, they are just working to make your lives easier!


This upgrade is already visible in the app and still to come on the website. In the app, you can see Google generated insights on the assistant screen. This is not something that Google is doing. It was already analysis all this data, but it just made easier for the end user to see it all at one place instead of maneuvering through the app looking for some information while skipping some that might just be important.


For example, if there is a sudden change in the number of visitors on my website, my google analytics app will not only notify me of that but also help me track from where the change originated.Senior Director of Product Management Babak Pahlavan notices that this change on the app will not only help big businesses with their analytical experts to scale up, but also help the small entrepreneurs to grow on a similar scale.


Product Manager Ajay Nainani added that the idea for this change was to do what a professional expert can do with the help of technology. Making this app more viable and useful for its buyers.


This app is supposed to work for you like a person would. It is meant to understand your needs(through your inputs) and then modify its approach accordingly. This is done with the help of the thumbs up and down button. You see more of what you give a thumbs up and less of what you dislike. This app is now also sensitive to what you are sharing with other people, it also identifies their responses and analyses it.

Pahlawan suggested that they are focussing on more insight and fewer data’ and this is just one step towards their aim. Very proud of their product, Google claims that you can now make more informed decisions which can upscale your business in a lot of ways.


To sum up the features of the new addition to the Google Analytics, we can say that it helps make analytics data even more useful as it:


  • sieves through your data to give you meaningful insights.
  • Offers tips on how to improve your data.
  • Gets smarter over time by reacting to your feedback and how you use it.
  • Helps you share insights so your whole team can take action.