FB adds Shop and Service sections to the Pages

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Facebook with the biggest user base is a fantastic platform for business promotions. Facebook now wants to make its features more beneficial for the marketing of companies.
Now Facebook has added two new features to support the digital marketing. It has changed its Page features by adding a couple of sections. The Facebook Pages now have Services and Shop sections. This is to define the business in a detailed way. For the places like India where almost 60 percent people on Fb are business people, the feature holds much importance.
The Shop section is a way for the companies to display their catalog. They can showcase their product in an organized manner to facilitate easy navigation.
The Services section is to make easy for companies to display the services they offer. This section will make people discover the products and offers of a company. This section would allow the companies to put up a list of their services and offers. It is thus going to be a milestone providing people with information they need to choose the best product or service.
More than a billion people on Fb are linked to some or the other business. October 2015 reported around two million Indian SMB pages on Facebook. Now the Fb wants to help businesses market themselves and the customers to choose better.
Fb says, the Shops and Services sections on Pages are handy. Businesses around the world can discover the products and services they care about in a more visually appealing way.
As of now, the changes will affect Southeast Asia and some emerging markets. Others are Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, India, Argentina, and Taiwan. The services section is available globally to professional services providers. It will roll out the service to all Pages in the coming weeks.
The Shops and Services sections show the effort of Facebook to make its Pages Business friendly. It promises more enhanced online presence for around 60 million companies across the world.