Facebooks AI Shutdown

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Facebook Inc. has had to go ahead with the shutting down of one of its chatbot AI (artificial intelligence) programs due to its malfunctioning. This comes as a huge setback to the company since Mark Zuckerberg was himself championing AI as the next mystery to solve and harness.

Mark Zuckerberg has recently also been in the news over social media spats with Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO. Elon Musk had publicly stated on Twitter that Mark Zuckerberg himself had limited clarity about artificial intelligence. Musk has been voicing his concerns about AI since the domain has been getting a lot of backing from big internet product firms of late.

He had stated the possibility of a Skynet kind of scenario looming ahead if AI is not handled with caution. We all have also seen the example of AI going out of hand in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, albeit a little too graphic.  However, it did leave us with a lot to ponder over!

The news came days after Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, made a statement that AI was a big risk. Apart from Elon Musk, Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft, and even Steve Wozniak, co-founder Apple, have also, in the past, expressed concerns regarding the development and usage of AI having a net detrimental effect on society.

Why was it shut down?

The AI at FAIR – Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research, which constitutes of two bots named Bob and Alice, decided that English was too drab a language and took quite an effort to communicate in. Therefore, they created their own language which looks like a series of codes like the shorthand language. The transcripts if read shows that the two bots sound drunk while talking to each other.

The experts have explained that the two bots are having a conversation about an exchange of balls with the repeated usage of me and I signifying the number of items. A research scientist working on the project has previously also stated that it is very possible to compress words in a language to make communication even more convenient and something that expresses a sophisticated thought.

Not the first time

However, this is not the first occurrence of its kind! Google's AI has the ability to extremely efficiently translate between language pairs that have not been taught to it, which it accomplishes using a universal language that it itself has coined as a buffer.

Facebook’s AI, on the other hand, was shut down as it was to interact with humans and every one of us humans sure doesn't know shorthand.

Elon – 1; Mark – 0

With Musk and Zuckerberg, two leading minds in Silicon Valley, facing off against each other on opposite sides of a hot topic in the tech development sector, it certainly will take some time for the situation to simmer down, with a clear winner emerging.

Musk against AI and Zuckerberg for AI… at the moment it looks like it's Musk-1; Zuckerberg-0.