Facebook Watch – Grabbing the YouTube shares!

Facebook Watch
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Facebook, the social media behemoth and social networking giant, has ventured into YouTube territory with the announcement of its own video platform called Facebook Watch. Mark Zuckerberg had unveiled his plans on how to make Facebook a video-first platform in the last year. Facebook has started rolling out the redesigned video platform to a tiny percentage of the U.S users.

In the past one year, we all would have noticed how videos have started dominating the scene on Facebook’s news feed. Now Facebook is upping its ante in this sphere with the launch of its Watch platform. This Facebook Watch is a platform exclusively for videos.

At the moment this feature has just been rolled out or given access to a select handful of people in the US. It will soon be rolled out to all of its users across the globe; says Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook Watch service is going to be available across all of its mediums i.e. the desktop version, the mobile version as well as the tablet version. On its mobile app platform unlike the desktop platform, Facebook Watch will be an integrated feature and not a separate standalone service.

What is Facebook Watch??

The feature has two sections which are ‘Discover’ and ‘Watchlist.’ The Discover section will be listing out the videos in segregated categories such as ‘News This Week,’ ‘What Friends Are Doing’ and ‘Coming Soon.’ The other section of Watchlist will contain videos that the user has saved to view later and videos related to the shows or the series that he or she might be following.

Facebook has not yet finalized the set of factors or the guidelines based on which the videos will be deemed suitable to be uploaded on the platform. It has let on that videos of the different TV shows will not be available but shows with their own series of episodes.

What can be inferred from the sections is that the Watch will be modeled on the lines of its Newsfeed feature but specific to videos.  Facebook Watch, the video platform, will display a list of trending shows amongst the user’s friends and even the videos which receive maximum reactions by its user base, i.e., the popularity of the videos.

What Facebook has done or created is an open platform for all the video creators all over the world to come and showcase their work using this platform. The different kind of genres that Facebook expects will catch a stronghold is the reality, live feeds, and comedy.

Future Plans of the social media behemoth

Facebook has huge plans also to develop its own original TV shows to be showcased on its Watch platform. How much of a market share will Facebook Watch grab from the present leader YouTube is to be seen, but considering Facebook they won’t go down easy.