Facebook announces victory after a 6 month spam operation

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Facebook has recently announced that they have finally put an end to the coordinated spam which was plaguing their website for the past six months. Previously Facebook’s security team had released a statement that inauthentic accounts were being created all around the world, these accounts would then like a few pages and then relentlessly spam them for a couple of days. They further stated that these accounts were being created through a proxy server which indicates that they were centrally administered. These accounts were being used to create inauthentic likes that were increasing the amount of likes a post or page would get and would then spam the page and go dormant.

According to them these accounts were being created in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and a whole host of other countries. Even Facebook had to admit that this is an ingenious method of spamming websites as each account would go dormant after awhile and would leave no trace that could be used to find out who created the account in the first place. These accounts that were spamming pages were providing some pages with an arbitrary amount of likes and let’s face it, were quite deceiving.

However it seems that Facebook has finally found a way to detect the creation of such accounts that are being centrally administered. These accounts will no longer have the freedom that they were enjoying previously and are being blocked by the administration the moment they are detected. According to Facebook that they are now removing all of the likes that accrued from these unauthentic accounts and that their security team is doubling the integrity of their network to ensure that such accounts are not even created in the first place.

On the other hand there is one drawback of Facebook’s victory over these spam accounts, as many pages will loose out on the fake likes that were driving traffic towards their page. Their security team further stated that these unauthentic or fake likes are currently being removed and that most pages will succumb to a three percent drop of likes. This is not very assuring as these fake accounts have targeted many different pages and many pages will have to deal with an immediate drop in likes. But it should be noted that these likes were fake in the first place and did not constitute as a real like.

Even though pages will face a sudden drop in likes, this news was still hailed all around the world. No one wants spam on their pages that might discourage traffic and furthermore all of those pages that actually deserve likes will prevail. Twitter on the other hand is still raging a war against spam and bots, but according to numerous sources this battle seems never ending due to the network that twitter employs. Finally this added measure in security will help maintain the integrity of the social media giant’s network and will keep spammers at bay.