Everything you need to Know about the Samsung S8+!

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Samsung has just announced the arrival of the Samsung S8+ and people all around the world simply cannot wait to get their hands on this magnificent phone. Currently the Samsung S8+ is not on the market as the booking dates have begun from Wednesday 29th march and the ETA of these phones is after April 20th. This phone has taken the market by storm as many people have claimed that this might the best Samsung phone ever, of course only time can tell just how successful this phone really is.

Design of the Samsung S8+

One thing is for sure, Samsung has yet again outdone themselves with the Samsung S8+. This phone includes a 6.20 inch touch screen that seamlessly spreads to every corner of the phone. This provides a large immersive display with extremely accurate pixel display and also ensures zero bezels. One look at this phone and you will know why it’s worth every single penny with its sleek facet and its sophisticated aura that is arguably unparallel in comparison. The back of the phone is just as magnificent as the front with its lustrous design and the camera fits perfectly in the design. Although this phone has large dimensions, Samsung has compensated for this by keeping the phone extremely lightweight so that it can easily fit in the middle of your palm!

Performance of the Samsung S8+

The Samsung S8+ packs a punch with its powerful 10nm processor that ensures extremely fast performance. This processor has helped Samsung in many different aspects as the S8+ can launch applications within milliseconds; it has also helped them reduce the charging time and the battery consumption of the phone. It includes the latest android 7.0 and has in integrated fingerprint sensor both on the rear and the front. Samsung has also included a heart rate sensor and a 4gm ram, 64g storage with an option for external memory expansion. The Samsung S8+ also supports 1024 QAM and is Gigabit WIFI ready, making it the perfect device for people who download and share large files. This updated QAM has helped Samsung increase its download speed up to 20% faster but this may vary according to different factors.

Security of the Samsung S8+

Samsung has included multiple mechanisms to ensure the security of the users. It has an embedded facial recognition feature, finger print scanner and an IRIS scan. This IRIS feature is probably the most effective mechanism, as the patterns in irises are virtually impossible to replicate. The Samsung S8+ also includes the Samsung Knox security feature that is approved by Governments all around the world and has included 5 layers of military grade protection to safeguard the phone’s data. To further strengthen the integrity of the phone’s data, Samsung has included biometric authentication so that confidential information can never be accessed by anyone besides the user.

Finally the most prominent feature that Samsung has included is the Bixby AI assistant, this means you can now voice, text or touch to instruct the phone to complete different activities. According to sources this might be the most proficient AI assistance due to its cognitive tolerance. So order your Samsung S8+ now and have your phone in your hand within a month’s time!