Epson rolls out its New ProSense Running Watch Collection

Epson New ProSense Running Watch Collection
Epson New ProSense Running Watch Collection
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Epson is known for bringing forth showstopper wearable gadgets and this time the company is back in news for its new ProSense Running Smartwatch Series. The main highlight of this watch collection is its powerful battery life that was never seen before on an Epson watch or any other smartwatch!

The entire new collection comprises of not one but five appealing Runsense GPS-running watches that will give a tough completion to the much talked about Apple 3 Watch and Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch. Designed to motivate people to stay fit, these fitness tracker cum running watches can be easily bought even by a low on budget fitness freak.

All these watches will be your perfect trainer for activities like swimming, tracking, biking and other similar fitness activities. Believe it or not but you will never lose your way with these watches on your wrist, thanks to the built-in GPS tracker. Easy to be paired with smartphones, these watches also allow you to control music on the board with a click of a button.

Appropriately called the running watches, these are designed to offer an ultimate battery life that allows the user to help track fitness activities for longer durations. You may get exhausted but your watch will not and will truly help you all throughout your workout recording precise fitness records for you.

The five new models in this new ProSense collection of Epson watches comprises of models like ProSense 17, ProSense 57, ProSense 307, ProSense 347 and ProSense 367. If the cheapest of them costs just around $99.99, then the costliest would not cost more than $399.99. Read on to grab information on Running Watch specifications with us.

ProSense 17: Let’s start afresh with the first and cheapest of the lot that is none other than Epson 17 ProSense Running Watch. With a built-in GPS, this one comes in a beautiful color combination of black link pink and light green shades to suit the tastes of men and women alike.

You will get to see all the information displayed on this watch at a beautiful 128 x 128 resolution.

This first model of the Epson GPS-running watch series is not just budget friendly but a pretty device to own by anyone who needs not just a simple watch but a smartwatch in today’s gadget crazy world.

The battery life offered on this particular smartwatch from the house of Epson is upto 13 hours on a single charge and it may extend if not used extensively. With this much battery life, it is surely better than the already popular Garmin Forerunner 30.

ProSense 57: Second smartwatch from this recently launched Epson collection of running watches is the elegant ProSense 57 watch. Sporting a stylish LCD display and features quite similar to the first model of the series, this one will need you to spend a bit extra for its heart rate monitor feature.

Here again, 128 x 128 is the decent resolution emitted by this watch on its cool display. With this watch on your wrist, you no longer need a trainer, as it will act like a personalized smart trainer anytime and anywhere.

Rest assured to get at least upto 10 hours of battery life on this GPS-enabled watch from the house of Epson. Feel free to pick this watch in stunning colors like black, red and green at a decent price range of $149.99 only.

ProSense 307: Up next in the whole new collection of these smart wearables is the beautiful ProSense 307. Sporting a stunning 240 x 240 Easy View Display, this wristwatch cum fitness band comes with interchangeable bands.

One of the main highlights of this particular watch is that it can also help tracking the user data during a swimming and cycling session. This one is available in all the common bold colors like white, black and blue.

20 complete hours is the amazing battery life promised by this gadget that also features an innovative VO2max estimate with useful recovery time and training features. All one needs to spend to own this beauty from Epson is about $249.99.

ProSense 347: Fourth model in this already popular series of watches from Epson is the bold and sophisticated ProSense 347 watch. Designed with all the desirable smart features like GPS, heart rate monitor and fitness tracking capabilities, this watch offers multi sport tracking functions too.

Enjoy an ultimate layer of durability on this watch that also sports a mineral glass lens. Moreover, you get to see all the tracked data within a fraction of seconds in a true 240 x 240 resolution on the beautiful display of this watch.

Priced at $349.99, this interesting watch is meant for those who need a gadget on wrist that is packed with innovative features and offers a stupendous battery life. Talking about the battery life of this particular watch, it will offer a mind blowing 46 hours non-stop on a single charge.

ProSense 367: Last but the best watch from the new Epson ProSense Running Watch Collection is the ProSense 367. Boasting of a massive battery life, this watch sports a brilliant sapphire glass lens. This is not all, it also supports the much desired 10ATM waterproof rating too. Here again, 240 x 240 is the perfect resolution supported on the display of this stunning watch.

This luxury GPS cum multisport watch is easy to use and helps transmitting all your fitness activities in a precise data for a proper workout plan. Thanks to features like RouteSense GPS and CardioSense Heart Rate Technologies, that this watch can display all the vital stats instantly on its easy to read display.

As mentioned earlier, this one is the costliest of the lot launched by Epson and is priced at a good $399.99. Moreover, with features like the ones experienced on other popular Fitbit Ionic and Samsung Gear Sports Watches it definitely deserves this huge price tag.

Availability: Now, coming back straight to the point on from where to buy these pretty watches from Epson? Well, all these smartwatches can be grabbed online from the official website of the company.

So, go pick your favourite Epson ProSense Running watch before it gets stock out!