Ehang Passenger Drone –Cleared for Testing

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No child would have ever dreamed of achieving a lifestyle akin to that shown in a futuristic cartoon named ‘The Jetsons’. Yet here we are with miraculous advances in robotics and flying cars that have completely changed the way we live and work. The good thing is that it’s just the beginning. Ehang, a Chinese company, launched its first-ever unmanned aerial vehicle at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2016 that was organized in Las Vegas. Many people believe that this technology will bring a revolution in the phenomena of urban mobility. Here we have provided a short review about the product that will help you in gauging the ins and outs about this flying vehicle.

This is actually a drone looking car that has eight propellers. It is designed to transport a single person, not weighing more than 100 kg, from one place to the other. It uses eco-friendly technology and it solely operates on electric power. Ehang Passenger Drive is being marketed as a 142-horsepower flying machine for passengers looking to travel short to medium distance.

Ehang Passenger Drone is capable of flying at a speed of 62 mph and can fly 11,000 feet above the ground. Ehang isn’t the first venture that has tried building passenger drones, in the past many other companies too tried creating such revolutionary technology. Ehang is able to attract all the attention because it is the first passenger drone that has been granted clearance for testing. Ehang soon will be testing its UAV in the skies of Nevada and if the project turns out to be successful then soon you will be flying to your office.

To fly Ehang Passenger Drone, one does not have to learn how to fly. In fact, the person inside the cabin of Ehang 184 is a passenger and it is a driverless vehicle. In order to make this flying vehicle as safe as possible, there are multiple backups added to Ehang 184. The CEO of the company also addressed the issue of safety by saying that even if 6 motors in the Ehang 184 failed; the drone can come down in a spiral shaped movement pattern without harming the passenger. Oooo. Now that sounds like a true adventure, or does it gives you Goosebumps?

The company hasn’t disclosed the final price of Ehang Passenger Drone yet but it expected that it would cost within $100,000 and $200,000. The engineering design and blueprints clearly show that this product isn't that expensive to manufacture this is why we consider that the price of this UAV isn’t reasonable. Still, if you like to try out new things and believe in experiencing the world from a different angle, then Ehang Passenger Drone might satisfy your adventurous soul.