Earn money by doing nothing on these cool new apps!

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Who does not like some extra money? Especially when it comes by doing absolutely nothing.
There are various apps available today that will reward you with free talk time for activities like watching ads or installing other apps. But what if you could be rewarded for doing nothing? And we are not talking about free talk time or other benefits, we are talking about actual money. Would you not rather have cash or at least a coupon that you can spend in the real world? If yes, read on…
We found a few apps that let you do this and spend your reward as cash or coupon money. Here is the list of our selected picks
Yumchek is the easiest of all ways to make a few bucks today. Basically, the app will help you to find restaurants near you to eat out in one of the most interesting ways possible. Yumchek does not want you to check into a restaurant. It does not even force you to use any other gamification solutions. Instead Yumchek hands out cash to your Paytm account. All you need to do is to link your number to the app and every time you eat out in restaurants, remember to upload a picture of your food bill on to the app. For every upload, Yumchek pays out Rs. 5 in your Paytm account. As simple as that!
On top of that, you also earn loyalty bonus points that can be used to enter lotteries and participate in various lucky draw contests. These lucky draws have exciting prizes like free air fryers and other appliances and gadgets.
You must be wondering, what is in it for Yumchek? The app company will use your data, gathered in this manner, to get the most accurate picture of where do you eat and what. This will enable them to make useful and relevant predictions and become more meaningful to its users that just an ordinary listing app service. Yes it is a little disturbing to hand out such personal information, but if you are willing to volunteer this data, it is very easy way to make some additional money.
If you are the kind of person who eats out frequently, it will not be too much of an extra effort for you to upload your food bill and earn extra money and win prizes. What is great is that this money goes to your Paytm wallet that you can use as cash anywhere you wish, and not free talktime which may not be of much use to many people.

Screenwise Media Panel
Screenwise Media Panel is one of Google’s market research programs. It has been in India for more than a year now. The aim of this program is to analyze and research on how people use the internet every day. Once you download the app, every time when you access the internet from your phone, Google will learn about the kind of sites you visit, the apps that you use, how much time you spend on which internet services, which are some of the services that you use more frequently than the others and other such parameters. All you have to do is to install the app and let it work on its own. Google has earlier mentioned that the data collected in this manner is only looked at in the aggregate. This means nowhere in google would any data scientist know exactly what an individual is doing on the internet, but they will know general trends in internet usage of a collective audience.
The rewards vary basis region and usage, but you can earn up to Rs. 200 per month, only by having the app installed on your phone. This requires absolutely no effort from the user as you only have to download it once and it runs in the background on its own. The reward increases as the longer you stay in the program and you can always sign out at any time you wish. What is more is that you get a joining bonus of Rs. 300 when you sign up for the program and an additional Rs. 100 per month, Rs. 10 for the next month, Rs 20 after two months and so on.
These rupees can then be used as actual credit money at various retail partners empanelled with this program. This is a very long list of partners including but not limited to Myntra, Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle and others. This essentially means that you cannot redeem these rupees as cash bit can use them as money when you shop offline. All this for doing nothing at all except downloading one app!

Another such app is Keettoo, the free keyboard app. This works beautifully like any other keyboard app- but with the added bonus of allowing you to make some money off it. Once you download the app, it will send you notifications about new product launches. In your notification bar, when you click on one of these notifications, you will watch an ad. You are then given a cash reward for watching that ad.
What is innovative about Keettoo is that its not a standalone app. In every other app that pays you to watch ads, is a standalone app which means that you will have to open those apps, scan through the list of possible ads you can watch for some money, click on one and watch the ad. In Keettoo however, the notifications run in the background and therefore you never have to open any specific app. It is really just like reading any other notification on your phone.
But that is not all! While other such ad watching apps will pay you with free talktime or equivalent services, Keettoo will offer you direct money. The app comes with an inbuilt in Keettoo wallet that gets credited every time you watch an ad. You have the capability of transferring this money from your Keettoo wallet to your Paytm or Mobikwik wallet. The app is also currently running a promotion where when you transfer money from your Keettoo wallet to Paytm, double of that amount gets transferred. So for instance you transfer Rs. 100 from your Kettoo wallet to your Paytm wallet, you will actually receive Rs. 200 in your Paytm wallet.

Have you tried any of these apps? Tell us your experience of using them.
Are you aware of any more apps that can pay you in cash and not free services by minimum effort of only downloading them, that we should have included in this list? Let us know in the comments section below.