DNC hack poses Cyber Attack threat to US elections

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Recently some intruders hacked the data of Democratic National Committee. This attack poses a huge threat to the US Presidential Polls and others elections as well.
The campaign of Hillary Clinton said that the hack at DNC intruded into and used a data analytics program. Cyber security experts predict more such attacks in future.
Force point last year forecasted much rise in such intrusions. The cyber security firm says various groups may target US elections in near future. Hence the US election campaigns are much vulnerable to such hacker attacks.
Bob Hansmann from says there could be numerous motives of these intrusions. It could aim to disrupt, discredit or embarrass a candidate or disrupt the whole political system.
Hansmann feels that campaign organisers would be the soft targets. The large staff moves with their computers and phones without any strict security system. He said these hackers are easily hireable by anyone. They can break into networks and steal data. Hackers can also spoof the campaigns by delivering fake social media messages and email Ids.
Steve Goveman, the CTO of Intel Security said that the DNC breach is recent example to remind that the high-value information must have high protection. These if leaked can have disastrous effects. He finds it a classic hacktivism example that aims to steal sensitive data and maximise the defamation of an organisation.
Experts have an opinion that the attackers are the Russian hackers. Russia has denied any involvement. US officials say that the matter is under FBI investigation, but there are no conclusions yet.
The CEO of security firm Immunity Inc. stated that the attack is of cyber war levels. The use government should respond forcefully, he added. He wrote a blog on website Arc Technica.
Security experts warn about the gravity of such attacks.They feel that these breaches target the core of the democratic process. Much remains at stake as the election process, and voting machines can face such attacks in November elections. One a breach in a single state like Florida can affect the whole result of the nation. It eases the hacker's work.
The US says that these kinds of attack will be sharply responded. There is a possibility of future thefts, and thus the US is taking it very firmly.
James Lewis the head of strategic technologies at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies had a strong message. He said if it was a Russian-sponsored breach, then it's a way too bold move and is not a surprise. He said the attack has Russian hallmark, but they are skilled in hiding their tracks.
He further had to say that for the Russians, the control of information is a weapon or tool. They feel that western countries dominate others, and they need to suppress them.
The US now knows that the foreign forces are using criminal means to manipulate the US elections. The US now plans its respond to demolish the damage to its democratic institutions.​