Disney and Saban Ventures to invest $15 million in Playbuzz

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In this age of conversational economy and social media becoming the primary field of brand engagement, fun content has become an absolute serious business. As a testimony to this trend, Playbuzz recently announced that it had bagged $15 million in strategic funding from Saban Ventures and Disney. In March last year, Playbuzz had received $16 million round of funding from 83 North in the lead and other participating investors like Carmel Ventures, First Time Ventures and Oded Vardi.

Playbuzz is most definitely the market leader in online content engagement and social content distribution and this funding further, fuels its global dominance in sponsored and branded content. The announcement also highlighted the company’s plan to deploy this fresh round of investment. Playbuzz plans to further grow its trademark content engagement module and grows its branded content business vertical. The said vertical already has the world’s top labels on board for co-creating, curating and distributing content based advertising campaigns at a massive scale.

The working of this business model is fairly simple, and genius at the same time. Playbuzz empowers businesses and publishers to develop and host content that fits into the consumption appetite and taste of the direct audience. This process enables the organization to create a meaningful brand engagement while simultaneously adding to the company’s monetization opportunities. Shaul Olmert, co-founder, and CEO of Playbuzz had said on record that the backing of world leaders in content publishing business especially Saban and Disney would ensure that Playbuzz expands their editorial reach as well as branded content business.

There are thousands of thousands of brands, publishers and content curators who use Playbuzz today to develop and distribute branded content in various formats that efficiently optimize engagement with the brand’s target audience over social networks and content consumptions websites. These varied formats include quizzes, listicles, slideshows, flip cards, image galleries and video clips. The success of Playbuzz and various other such initiatives that came up after it is amazing and traditional metrics for such engagement measurement have been outpaced traditional digital formats such as a regular 500-word article or one minute or beyond videos. On any given day, content powered by Playbuzz generates finish rates or fully consumed rates of up to 94 percent and share rates over social platforms that may ultimately lead to a content piece going viral is as much as 15 percent.

Saban Ventures’ top boss and Managing Partner Barak Pridor believes that the magic behind successful media consumption of branded messaging is raw efficient and engaging content. Playbuzz has managed to position itself in the market as the leading platform to do exactly that. He believes that what makes Playbuzz the best-suited platform for content reach and financial growth of its partnering brands is its unique network and distribution of the offered content. Pridor will join the Board of Directors at Playbuzz following this latest round of funding.

Playbuzz came about in 2012 when it was founded by Shaul Olmert and Tom Pachys and now has over a 100 employees in its offices in New York City, London, Tel Aviv, Hamburg and Nashville.