Diet Sensor Food Scanner

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Keeping count on calories or tracking what you eat is a tough ordeal, especially in the society that we live in today that has restaurants around every corner. Although there are many applications and fitness trackers that can help, but it is difficult when you keep eating out. Most applications will provide a generic overview of the different minerals and calories that your daily diet has but none of them have achieved what Diet Sensor Food Scanner has.

This innovative app comes integrated with a molecular scanner that can display accurate nutritional information on almost any food. The molecular scanner known as the SCIO is made by an Israeli company that specializes in consumer physics. They claim that this scanner has the potential of reading the chemical breakdown of any material that is scanned. What’s amazing about this app is that it is non intrusive, which means that the phone never has to touch the food, all you have to do is point your camera at it and within seconds you will have a complete breakdown of the compounds present in that food.

This SCIO sensor has an embedded infra ray sensor on one end, this infra ray sensor scans the food like an x ray and portrays the nutritional compounds of that particular food. So for the first time ever you can keep track of calories and carbohydrates without getting into complicated calculations. It is the perfect app for people who want to keep their diet in check and want to maintain a healthy intake of nutrients. This application has targeted the following aspects:

  • Helping people maintain a healthy diet
  • Helping people lose weight
  • Helping diabetic patients maintain a diet that best suits their health
  • For the elderly to make sure their diet contains the essentials nutrients

Key Features Of The Diet Sensor Food Scanner

This application is available on IOS platforms, neither does the app require substantial space nor does it come with a heavy price tag. The most prominent benefit of the Diet Sensor Food Scanner is that it is the solution to every diabetic’s problems. A diabetic patient has to constantly keep his or her diet in check to ensure their well being, this app will ensure the patient maintains an effective diet.

This application once downloaded requires the user to enter all of his or her health related data and then incorporates this in its data. This means that the app does not provide generic findings, but takes into consideration the health of the user. Each user will get personal and unique notifications according to the user’s life style.

Another key feature of the Diet Sensor Food Scanner is that it not only keeps track of your calories, carbohydrates but also keeps a track on the user’s fitness as well. This means that every user will constantly be reminded about their preferred diet plan. This is the perfect solution for all those people out there who have trouble maintaining a healthy diet.