Diabetes diagnosis goes “prick – free”

Diabetes diagnosis goes “prick – free”
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Diabetes as per medical science’s standing today is an incurable disease. It is a disease if contracted, is present lifelong with 10000 restrictions put on one’s life. It is like you are living your life like a zombie. The complications are so acute both financially and mentally that it leaves the person in question at crossroads as whether to he/she should go the mile suffering or party it all out and call it a day. Now this is a very individual choice so no comments on that.

There are several doctors too who have come ahead and outright accepted that they would prefer to contract AIDS than diabetes! Reading this will surely pose that very important question in everyone’s brain as to “WHY”?. In a gist to answer this doubt I would say, medical science has come a long way from the early days of AIDS contraction, we now have medicines which have almost extended the patient’s life to as much as that of a regular non-infected human, that too with a fraction of the limitations as compared to diabetes.

Diabetes is a killer if not spotted as early as possible and it not being treatable or curable makes it even more of a demon in our lives. With type – 2 diabetes seeing a rise due to our urban lifestyle choices of not enough physical exercise we need to be even more aware of our day to day habits and lives by monitoring it as closely as possible.

Strides in Monitoring

Diabetes can be monitored by sampling the blood for its glucose levels to keep a close monitor. This has historically involved a lot of pin pricking our fingers multiple times a day for the people who suffer from a more expedited case. This pin pricking by a personal device or a clinical one has been irritating almost every patient world over. To overcome this Dominic Wood, a British scientist has developed an app and very appropriately named it “EPIC” which measures the blood glucose level in a very non invasive manner.

The App – “EPIC”

The app works by the patient placing his or her finger on the camera of the phone followed by capturing of a few close up pictures that convey information about the patient’s blood pressure and temperature, heart rate, to even the blood oxygen saturation. It can monitor both type-1 as well as type-2 diabetes.

The makers of this app claim that their breakthrough is that it can measure insulin resistance levels which are a key way to determine if one is pre-diabetic of not by accurately measuring the person’s pulse levels relating to their blood glucose concentration.

Future Interest

The app’s success depends on the amount of sustained accuracy it is able to show. It being non invasive goes a long way as a bonus for it to be positively adopted in the market. For now, it has hard road ahead by going into clinical trials and proving its effectiveness, precision and consistency. The app will be made available free to download by the end of the year.