Delphi to test Self-Driving Taxis in Singapore

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British transport technology firm, Delphi Automotive will begin the test of self-driven taxis in Singapore. It intends to start the trial next year. It will bring a fleet of its autonomous taxis to the test in Singapore.
The test will mark the first ever automated on-demand rides service in the real world. These taxis would transit the civilians around the city at much-reduced fares.
The trial is a part of Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (SAVI). SAVI got set up in 2014 to provide a platform for the technology of tremendous potential. The initiative lets the creators and stakeholders of the technology, test their services in the real world.
The project would be carried out in collaboration with the Singapore Land Transit Authority. The projects aim is to provide automated electric vehicles service by 2022. The team would road test the service for commercial viability. It's going to be a milestone in the automated transition technology sector.
The technology also would provide cheaper transport. Cab rides in a dense city cost 3 to 4 dollars a mile at present. Glen DeVos claimed 90 cents a mile ride with an autonomous taxi. DeVos is the Vice President of Engineering in Delphi.
This cheaper option could win more customers soon. The customers will tend to prefer such service. It will increase the number and working hours of the taxis.
Delphi would on-road its fleet of Audi vehicles with automated driving and mapping systems. Later it will come up with electric vehicle additions. The initial test would have drivers in case of piloting system failure.
DeVos says that the taxis would be completely driver-free by 2019-2020. This project can become a regular service by 2022. Delphi also plans to try it in Europe and North America. DeVos said they would select a United States site this year.
Some other companies are carrying out an economic assessment of the technology. Uber Technology Inc and Lyft plan to Collaborate with General Motors Co. The efforts are on to provide autopilot rides to the people.
Delphi is striving to develop sensor systems to operate autonomous drives. For the purpose, it has also collaborated with Israeli company Mobileye NV. The Land Transit Authority of Singapore is ready to provide the required infrastructure for such transitions.
Delphi is using its own mapping. It also is looking for better mapping options. It now is considering one such option from Mobileye.
Delphi says that at the initial stage, it is keeping the volume low. It will apply the volume increment in a controlled and planned manner.