Dell Ultra Sharp UP3218K Display Monitor

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Want to hear something outrageous? A monitor with an 8K or 7680×4320 pixel display!

Dell, a company known for its “just-in-time” inventory system to delight its customers with speedy delivery of quality high-end tech products, unveiled a display monitor that has an 8k display with 33.2 million pixels!

What does that mean, exactly? Let’s put it into perspective, shall we?

The Low Down

TVs are usually the type of devices that are known for a good quality displays, but for people whose job is to come up with captivating content in picture or video form, detail is everything. This monitor offers them just that, it has plenty of resolution in just 31.5 inches that would be sufficient for correcting the minutest details on a picture and realigning pixels perfectly so that there is minimum disruption to the original picture than what is required while editing it in Adobe illustrator.

A Revolution in Detailed Imaging

It could prove to be revolutionary for the graphic designing industry. Dell calls this monstrosity (if that is the correct use of the word) of a monitor, the Dell UP 3218K. It is set to go on sale in March of 2017. It is capable of potentially making mince meat, at least in this division, out of giants such as Apple and its gorgeous 5k iMAC that has a Retina Display.

At 280 pixels/inch, it is the equivalent of having four 4k screens packed into one ultimate screen. It has an all-aluminum frame which is able to be tilted, pivoted, panned and swiveled. It has thin 9.7mm bezels, 400nits of brightness and a 1300:1 contrast ratio with a refresh rate of 60Hz. It also has 2 Display ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports and an audio line out. The monitor is color calibrated from the factory and is also height adjustable. Claims by Dell suggest that it supports 100% of Adobe’s RGB and sRGB and Rec709 color spectrums.

Dell also claims that it supports 98 % of DCI P3 and more than 80% of the Rec2020 color spectrums as well. One downside to the monitor is that it’s got only 10 bit colors, not 12-bit. That’s not really a downside when you think about it (more than a billion colors are more than enough, right. Well, for a content developer, they may not be.) Dell aspires that the display will be used in fossil fuel exploration, medicine, medical diagnostics and graphic design; all areas where image detailing is important.

The Put-Off

Now we come to the biggest put off for the monitor; “If you don’t have the money, honey, the monitor ain’t for free!” Yes, you guessed it! It’s the price! If you are a content creator with a couple 5Gs lying around somewhere, you probably won’t think twice about getting this monitor, because it is worth just that, US$5000. Even then, there is not much 8k content out there so you would be stuck with viewing your own content, but hey, whatever works, right?

Sorry for the disappointment gamers, but no matter how badass you think your gaming console or custom built PC is, it would lag badly when playing at 8K resolution, and there are TVs out there for God’s sake.

The Dell UP3218K will be out on March 23rd 2017, so those who dare, have your credit cards and/or wallets ready!