Credit Card Sized Rock64 PC expected to give a tough competition to Raspberry Pi

Credit Card Sized Rock64 PC
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Finally, there is someone to give a tough competition to the popular Raspberry Pi PC! Yes, you caught us right, we are indeed talking about its look alike Rock64 Mini Computer. This latest mini-computer has been designed by Pine64 to offer a stupendous experience within an affordable price range. Considered to be an entry level mini-computer, the 14-inch Rock64 boasts to have a full Linux support that was also seen in Pine A64 model that was launched a year ago.

What makes Rock64 an ideal rival to the already popular Raspberry Pi PC is its amazing 4K 60fps output. Besides this, this upcoming mini PC from the house of Pine64 is going to incorporate an easily bootable eMMC socket apart from the traditional MicroSD car slot. On top of it, this cheap single board PC will cater full support to Google’s Android 7.1 as well Linux and Debian software. This is not all; you get to enjoy full HDR10 support for amazing High Dynamic Range Content on this smart mini-PC from the house of Pine64.

Processor: Rock64 is a Yocto Linux powered mini PC that is expected to incorporate the smart Rockchip RK3328 ARM Cortex A53 and a powerful 64 bit quad core processor. Besides this, you can expect to enjoy brilliant graphics on this upcoming credit card sized laptop that measures just about 85 x 56 mm in dimensions.

GPU: Another remarkable thing to note in the upcoming Rock64 is its Mali-450MP2 GPU that is also seen in some of the happening smart phones these days. 500MHz is the maximum clock speed that can be experienced on this GPU, yet nothing has been officially announced about its actual clock speed as of now!

Connectivity: Rock64 boasts to offer a variety of connectivity options including an HDMI 2.0a port for a smart 4K output at superb 60Hz. Then, there is also a USB 3.0 connector and also a pair of USB 2.0 ports. You may also get an access to the Gigabit Ethernet port, eMMC module socket and a microSD card slot along with other interfaces like Pi-P5+bus and Pi-2 bus. Rock64 is rumoured to miss out the connectivity for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that may disappoint some of you!

RAM: As per inside sources, Rock64 PC will come not in one but three RAM variants. There will be a 2GB, 3GB and a 4GB model of the product, so that you can easily choose the one that suits your needs for an uninterrupted experience.

Price & Availability: You can expect to buy the new Rock64 Media Board PC somewhere by the end of this month itself. As far as price speculations of the same product are concerned, it is rumoured to cost you just $25 for its entry level 1GB RAM model. On the other hand, if you wish to get a better experience, go for its 2GB model or 4 GB model that are priced around $35 and $45 respectively.