Connect with Government Officials Through Facebook!

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Yes you read that right. Facebook has recently launched a new feature dubbed as the ‘Town Hall’. This feature allows users to connect with government officials on state, federal and local levels. It is essentially a space that is dedicated to increase civil engagement and to the people who want to play an integral role in the political process. This is without a doubt a step in the right direction as Facebook has yet again forayed into politics and is helping empower people with the tools to help build a stable society.

Many people are intrigued by the new Town Hall feature and have tipped their hats to Mark Zuckerberg for his constant philanthropy as this feature will help so many people on different horizons that it is outstanding. The idea behind this feature is to help build a social infrastructure for every community by helping people connect with government officials that govern the related jurisdiction. This feature has been hailed by the society as a whole, as previously people could only voice their political agenda and concerns on social media platforms but to no avail. But now this has all changed, people can now easily connect with the government officials in their area and can now actually voice their concerns to the right people instead of their friends and family members on Facebook.

How does the Town Hall feature work?

This feature has specially been designed to provide a simple user interface that will help people connect with government officials without any hassle. If you are interested in using this sublime feature, please follow the steps given below.

  • Step1

Since this feature was recently launched, it will not show up in your news feed or your application without updating your Facebook version. Simply update your Facebook through your Google or Apple store.

  • Step2

Once you have updated your Facebook, the next step is to open your menu bar, scroll down and you will see a Town Hall feature right under the instant game feature.

  • Step3

The next step is entering the required information. You will have to provide Facebook with a valid email address and your current address. Rest assured, Facebook will not display this information, but we believe that they might use this information for future civil engagement events or products.

  • Step4

Once you have provided Facebook with the relevant information, it will populate your screen with an extensive list of government officials. This list is not limited in any aspect as it will comprise of U.S house representative, senate representatives, state legislature, governor, council members and federal position holders. Once the list is generated, you can easily contact any official by clicking a button as it will allow the user to email or message the official. Some officials have even listed their phone number!

Although this new feature is going to help people play an integral role in building the society we live in today, it does have its limitations as not every official is on Facebook. However, this feature will empower people in a way that was previously conceived as impossible.