BlackBerry avails its Hub+ Suite of Apps on Android Marshmallow

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BlackBerry recently made available its Hub+ Suite of Apps for Android users. BlackBerry is now trying to be adaptive to sustain the market and clinch the position where it once was.
BlackBerry once had a fortune business for its smartphones. It had its unique features to make it stand apart. But with time company lacked adaptability and saw a downfall. It faced huge losses as Apple and Google arose in the smartphone business.
Tech industry tests the companies from time to time. No company can sustain without being innovative and adaptive to the changes around. The best example would be Nokia which was in a prime position in the business. In the last decade, it saw a downfall that crushed it completely.
BlackBerry, as a part of its revival strategy, makes BlackBerry Hub+ Suite to be compatible with the Android platform. The Suite is an exclusive run for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Suite includes BklackBerry apps like Calendar, Password Keeper, Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes, and Launcher.
Users can download the app from Google Play and enjoy BlackBerry services on their Androids. The users can also choose the services they need for individual use.
Initial 30 days is free trial period. After that, the user can select a paid or unpaid version. They paid version would be ad free while vice versa with the free version.
BlackBerry in its official Blog says that it plans to extend the services to Android 5.0 Lollipop. It also is striving hard for the services to be available on iOS devices too.
These steps may end the exclusivity of the BlackBerry apps on its own devices. This exclusivity was the reason for the success of the company once. So may be the step is not good for BlackBerry devices. But, the BlackBerry software now has tremendous elevation in its potential user mass.