Apple’s fully wireless AirPods

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Say a big goodbye to the headphone jack and a bigger hello to the absolutely stunning and wireless Apple’s Airpods. Retaining the design and the tail of the earpods, these stunning pair offers the same good quality of sound as the earpods.The success of these earphones is still left to the consumer reviews after the launch. It is difficult to say the quality of connection it will provide or the hold they will have in your ear say in case you go out for a jog.

They pair instantly as soon as you open them from the charging case. The charging case is again worth a mention. Its a good case and snuggles up the bud safely and beautifully. The Airpods also have a touch function. You can also activate them via voice commands to Siri.

Another super feature is that the music will stop as soon as you plug them out of the ears. This is a good feature as far as the 5-hour battery promise goes. Launching in the US for $159 , this is not exactly a cheap deal but definitely an attraction for the Apple upgrades and also for the people who look for the top of the line tech products.