Apple’s Acquired Work flow

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Apparently Apple has a knack of surpassing everyone’s expectations and yet again they have achieved this by their latest acquisition of Workflow. Workflow is an innovative tool that allows users to seamlessly integrate different actions on the IPad and IPhone. This application mimics the customization options that are provided by powerful desktops such as the Mac or Windows and provides end users with convenience levels that were previously conceived as impossible.

Workflow has been around for quite some time now and each update has improved the efficiency of this application, and its steady increase in market awareness and market share has not gone unnoticed. Workflow has been on the receiving end for multiple accolades including the prestigious Design Award in 2015 and its yearly profits speak for themselves. The underlying reason behind the success of this application is due to its capacity to provide end users with the ability to perform multiple complicated tasks with a simple tap of a button. Basically Workflow provides users with an interactive drag and drop interface which allows them to transfer content from one application to another; this can all be done at a moment’s notice. This application has taken the market by storm, which is exactly why Apple has recently added Workflow to their array of acquisitions.

The financial details of this acquisitions are still undisclosed, but is safe to say that Apple must have dished out a substantial amount of funds to fuel this project. However this acquisition has left many people intrigued as Apple’s automation whiz Sal Saghoian has recently departed due to the elimination of his position. Many people had the common misconception that automation might not be on Apples priority list anymore but acquiring Workflow has cleared any such misconceptions.

What will change after this acquisition?

In simple words, everything is about to change with Apple’s latest venture. Unlike most acquisitions, Apple is not only purchasing the rights to the application but is also purchasing the talent behind the application. This will empower the developers with more resources and extra freedom in seamlessly integrating different applications for effective automation. Previously the application was limited in its functionality but now with Apple on their side, Workflow can take automation to a whole different level.

Previously the application was offered at a nominal fee of $2.99 but according the reports; Apple has removed this price tag and is offering this application for free on the App store. By removing this price tag the amount of end users will quadruple within no time, because why would people miss out on a tool that has the potential of making their lives much easier? Besides this even Apple can benefit from this acquisition as they can instill Workflow’s philosophy in their IOS system, this will help them provide end users with automation capabilities like never before. Now Apple can create a graphical interface that can automate multiple complex tasks in different applications. This will improve the overall efficiency of the IOS system and might give them that much needed edge over Android platforms. However only time can tell just how lucrative and effective Apple’s latest acquisition really is!