Apple to bring 100 new Gender Diverse emojis with iOS 10

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The forthcoming version of the Apple devices OS the iOS 10 is to arrive this fall. It's expected to hit the market with iPhone 7. The update is said to have some enthralling features. These features are going to make mutations to even the older iPhones to look offbeat.

Apple flaunted some dramatic new features for iOS 10 in WWDC. But it seems that it had less time to c0ver all its swank.

iOS 10 would now have iMessage overhaul and a third party Siri integration. The new upgrade would have a nifty storage optimisation. The feature intends to aid the users with 16 GB devices. iOS 10 lock screen would activate when the user lifts the phone. Now the OS has changed stopwatch aesthetics. Other new features included quick battery/cellular data/wifi controls and improved Apple Maps.

The new version would have 100 new emojis added to the lot. The coming emojis would have gender diversity which makes it unique. These correspond to the introduction of emojis introduced as a Unicode 9 Standard this June.

The refurbished lot of emojis has more representations of professional women, a rainbow flag and a water gun. Apple accentuated 12 specific emojis to give an idea of the new army of them. The sample had women from different professions including even detective and engineer. The sneak peak also highlighted women representing various sports viz. Basketball, Swimming, Running, Skateboarding, Weightlifting, and Cycling.
Apple in a statement said it is bringing new gender options in its emojis. New characters cover female professionals and athletes. Also, the existing favourite emojis get redesigned for a better impact. The new lot has a new rainbow flag.
It also adds some beautiful family options. The highlight had family emoji options of a mother with her son and a father with his son and daughter. The Apple also gave importance to the new rainbow flag, and a water gun in the sample show off. There also are various skin tone options for all emojis.

Unicode wanted to put a rifle in the new lot but then planned otherwise. Rifle emoji could not join due to 'no support' from Apple and Microsoft. Apple projects water gun against the rifle.

The developer preview of the latest version of iOS would include the new emojis. Unicode 9.0 introduced more than 70 emojis. These include a shrug, face palm, fingers crossed, drooling, selfie, and an emoji for ROFL.