Apple Music for Android, now out of Beta with minor changes

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Apple Music for Android now gets out of beta stage. Apple recently released the upgraded version 1.0.0 of the app. Apple Music ran as a beta on Android up till now. It now is out of that stage after almost nine months.
Back in November, Apple released its music services for Android platform. This launch gave an official way to the Android users to access Apple music. Now the Android users can enjoy a catalogue of about 30 million songs and the live radio Beats One.
Apple Music would be the third title that Apple furnished to the users of Android. Previously, Apple also released the Android compatible versions of Move to iOS and Beats Pill+.
The upgraded version has a few changes if not many. It now has equaliser settings. There also are a variety of changes ion performance, playback, and stability. Google Play Store shows a log of these changes.
The app design is almost the same for iOS and. The first time users would need to create an Apple ID to use the app. The ones who already own an ID just need a login. The Android version has all the features of Apple Music. The only significant drawback is that the Android version doesn't have a Voice Control.
When Apple decided to land on Android, it had big Warriors ahead. Music streaming apps like Spotify were already the celebrity in the service. Apple projected some striking and exclusive features to its Android offerings. This is the strategy of Apple to beat the Android market as of now.
In early 2016, Apple updated its Android music app. It brought to the users, a feature to save the songs to the SD cards. Even the iOS cannot have this feature due to the restrictive ecosystem of the platform.
Within weeks after adding SD card support, Apple widened every pair of eyes with its new step. It bridged all the gaps between its iOS and Google's Android. It introduced a home screen widget of Apple Music for Android platform.
Google developed many apps for iOS, but Apple never reciprocated till last year. Now Apple seems to have the intentions to do the honours.
Apple tried its best to lure the Android crowd. In the process, it introduced some features that even iOS users cannot have. This would for sure make the iOS users envious of Android users. As of now Apple has concentrated its efforts to sustain the ever-changing tech market.