Apple launches TV Remote App with Keyboard and Siri Voice Controls

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This WWDC, Apple released a teaser of the new Apple TV Remote App. Making good on its promise, Apple recently launched the app. The app would be a replica of the Apple TV Remote housed in the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This app is way too different than the older one that existed since years.
The app is available for download on Goggle Play Store.
The time now arrives to replace the previous remote app with the new one. The older app lacked support for some of the features of fourth-gen Apple TV. The initial version of the new app is not iPad optimised. Also, it doesn't have same Home Sharing features that control iTunes on Mac.
The new app provides outstanding input options. Text input would be a major feature. The feature is very handy. It also allows the users to navigate through the Apple TV interface with touch gestures. Apple TV can now receive commands for movies and music via user's voice. The app now features the Siri Voice Controls. Volume control is also apparently working for some users for CEC support when toggled from iPhone.
The new remote app can enhance your gaming. It can help you deploy the accelerometer and gyroscope in iPhone in gaming. 'Game Mode' when turned on, would give you better and simplified game controls.
The requirements of the new app are listed. The device must be an iOS devices using iOS 9.3.2 or later. Wi-Fi connection to Apple TV is mandatory. The new app is compatible with Apple TV (4th generation) using tvOS 9.2.1 or later. The also supports Apple TV (3rd generation) using Apple TV Software 7.2.1 and Apple TV (2nd generation) using Apple TV Software 6.2.1.
The Siri requires 4th gen Apple TV. Its availability also has limitations to some countries and language only. The feature would be more widely available in near future.
Eddy Cue, the Senior VP of Internet Software at Apple informed about the remote app in an interview last December. He said that the Apple is working to give you a full functionality of Siri remote on your iPhone.
Cue at WWDC this year declared that the Apple TV has over 6000 apps and 1300 video channels. The company also announced a single sign-on option. The option will allow the users to authenticate all the video channels from providers via single sign on. They then can watch all their network TV apps.