Apple iPhone 7 make its way to India in October

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As the new Apple iphone 7 is unveiled, the speculation about its launch in Indian market begins immediately. However, the mere speculation comes to an end with a claim of its launch to be in the month of October. The reason of such rush is the great Diwali season platform that witnesses a boom in the sales of electronics. The sources also confirm the much lower worth than its predecessor iPhone 6S launched in the India previous year. An aggressive marketing strategy reveals a keen interest of the company in Indian markets.
An official confirmation from Apple also revealed the launch of Apple Watch series 2 in India along with iPhone 7 on October 7. The launching price in India for iPhone 7 as declared is Rs. 60,000 for 32 GB model as compared to the former model iPhone 6S (64 Gb) priced as Rs. 72,000. Also launched AirPod earphones are priced at Rs. 15,400.
Apple has also been actively chasing enterprise customers for its newest model in order to elevate their sales figures in the country. Apple iPhones has been lately attracted a lot of customers owing to its upper hand concerning its security benefits as compared to its competitive counterpart Android, brand appeal being the other reason.

The brand has also promised a frequent update to its system. The new model acquires a quicker 4-core processor with A10 fusion, a bigger battery, added feature of a new Force Touch fingerprint scanner, water resistance and advanced cameras. It upper model iPhone 7 Plus has been boldly experimented with dual camera setup at the rear.
Other unexpected feature that came as a surprise in this new Apple phone is the missing 3.5 mm headphone jack being completely replaced with its lightning connector. Apple will also be shipping the lightning enabled headphones along with an adaptor that will allow the current iPhone users to sync their phones with iPhone 7.