Apple HomePod Smart Home Speaker launch delayed till 2018

Apple HomePod Smart Home Speaker
Apple HomePod Smart Home Speaker
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For those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the Apple HomePod, the wait is going to prolong until 2018 now. Recently, the officials from Apple Inc., confirmed that their much awaited HomePod will now be launched in 2018 and not by the end of 2017.

Expected to be the most expensive smart speaker with the power of Siri, Apple HomePod will be the next big launch after Apple Watch from the tech giant that is popular for its iPhones all around the world.

Although, the company officials announced this particular speaker way back in June 2017 during an annual developer conference, the product is still under testing mode and receiving more upgrades.

Design: Since the images of Apple HomePod are already scattered all around the Internet, what we could make out is that it features a cylindrical shape all covered with a fabric.

The material used in this advanced speaker is such that it can easily connect and adjust the sound as per requirement without any hassles. The device sports a 7 inch mesh body with an apt 4 inch upward facing woofer that will deliver crisp and distortion free sound irrespective of the volume.

Compatible with Apple HomeKit: Another remarkable thing to note about this yet to be released Apple HomePod is that it will be made compatible to work in perfect coordination with Apple’s HomeKit platform in order to control all kinds of smart home devices.

At the other hand, its voice control will be able to coordinate only with Apple Music and the user can easily fetch this service from the company at a mere $10 per month subscription.

Apple Siri Voice Assistant: Up next in this much awaited Apple HomePod, one can expect to experience the amazing Apple’s Siri voice assistant. You can simply control, scroll and search in playlists using your voice commands with the help of Siri Voice Assistant on this superb speaker.

6 Microphones Embedded: We bet HomePod from Apple will surely give a tough competition to the ruling Amazon Echo Speaker and Google Home Mini, as it comes embedded with not 1 but 6 powerful microphones.

These microphones will listen to your voice commands and help you control the music on this speaker. This is not all, this device will boasts of a spatial awareness and touch controls for an easy navigation all across its 1GB RAM.

Price & Availability: As told before, the much awaited Apple HomePod Smart Home Speaker will be launched not before 2018.

As far as the pricing of this highly anticipated speaker is considered, it is expected to cost you around $329, which sounds way too high than the currently popular Amazon Echo Speaker priced at $50 and Google Home Mini Speaker priced at $49.

So, one really need to wait until its launch to see what is so special about Apple HomePod Smart Speaker.