Apple announces the anticipated IOS 11

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Apples quest for perfection within its Operating System for both Iphones and Ipads is a never ending one. Every once in a while the tech giants keep updating the Operating System to accommodate all user needs and technological advances. Just recently, in the annual WWDC for 2017, Apple launched the much awaited IOS 11 for both Iphones and Ipads.

The new update in the IOS brings forth a plethora of new features and innovations that are ultimately bound to add a lot more to the experience that an average user has on their device. The previous upgrade in this regard was made by Apple during the WWDC in 2016, where they introduced the IOS 10. The IOS 10 was implemented and presented to the users in the Iphone 7 and the 7 plus, which were launched later in the year. The OS was updated throughout the year, with the latest update titled IOS 10.3. The IOS 11 is believed to be made available for users in the September of the year 2017, when Apple will launch the Iphone 7s or the Iphone 8. Currently Apple has declared that the update will be accessible in the fall or autumn for those across the Ocean.

The launch of the IOS 11 at the WWDC saw the incipient of a variety of features which were not present in the Operating System before. Some of the new features and updates present in the IOS 11 that are bound to excite users are:

A change in design for the App Store

Perhaps the most enticing and overwhelming update present in IOS 11 is the new revamp of the design for the app store. The app store, which is an integral part of the system for IOS, now includes a new tab title “Today”. The tab lets users get a grasp of some of the new applications that are being launched in the world of the app store, daily. There is a new dedicated tab for games, which gives enthusiasts the option to jump right where they want to be. The app pages have also experienced new updates, which make them more interactive for users.

Apple Pay

Another update within the new IOS 11 upgrade is the one for Apple Pay. The feature after the update can now be used to pay people and make person to person transactions. The payments made use your finger touch ID for the transactions to be deemed as authentic. The money received through the method will directly be credited to your Apple Pay Cash Card.

The Control Center

One of the most anticipated upgrades within the IOS 11 was the one for the control center. The control center is host to routine use by the users, so it was pertinent that some upgrades be made. The control center in the IOS 11 will boast of more features and sliders, making life easy for everyone. Besides the addition of new features and sliders, there will also be a 3D touch option that will give quick and easy access to a plethora of other features and settings.

An upgrade for Siri

Siri has been every Apple users go to in-built application in the hour of need. IOS 11 promises to add new upgrades to Siri in the form of a natural and better male/female voice and a new interactive interface. One of the most interesting update in this regard is that Siri will have a new translation feature in the IOS 11. The languages currently supported are Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The list of languages supported by the translation feature in Siri, according to Apple, is predicted to grow in the coming years.


The new Operating System gives users the option to relive memories in an even better way, by viewing them in both Portrait and Landscape mode. Furthermore, you can add various effects to live photos, to make them even more exciting. The editing option can also be used to inter loop and reverse the live photos, according to your will.

Another cool upgrade while editing live photos is that now you can combine live photos, to form an even better combination than before.


The software for the camera now boasts of enhanced image quality. The portrait mode with the IOS 11 can now easily be taken using the HDR mode. The introduction of the high efficiency image file format means that the size of your image would be decreased by the phone, without compromising on quality.


The maps within the IOS 11 are upgraded and better, as maps of airports and shopping malls are expected to come soon with the IOS 11. Furthermore, the OS will gather information about your speed and lane navigation while driving. IOS 11 will also introduce a dedicated “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode, which can be initiated when you’re on the roads. Once the mode is activated, it will send the people trying to get in touch with you, a note that you’re currently driving and would get back to them once you reach your destination.


This is one of the dedicated features available for the Ipad. The multitasking feature gives users unlimited ease of access and makes them reach out to their most viewed and most visited places quicker and easier than before. The drag and drop is another feature in this regard, which adds to the