Apple announces new Mac OS “High Sierra”

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Ever since its inception, Apple has been on the lookout for various innovations to keep the technology it offers in line with the tide of the times. The Apple WWDC held on 5th June was another attempt in this regard to bring forth a plethora of new and better innovations for the general public. The various innovations that were launched in front of the media present, by Senior Vice President of software Craig Federighi, were all in one way or another the need of the day. A noticeable revamp in this regard was the one given to the Operating System of Apples coveted Mac. The new MacOS, which has already garnered quite a lot of attention, is known as the “High Sierra”.

The operating system was ready to use for developers from the launch date of June 5. Furthermore, the general public could get their hands on the attractive operating system by the start of this fall. The High Sierra operating system boasts of an endless amount of new features and updates that are bound to add a lot more to the experience of an average Mac user. Some of the most interesting features that will be rocking your desktop experience, through the launch of the “High Sierra OS” are:

A Faster And Better File System

Mac has been using the HFS+ file system ever since the launch of the System 8. The HFS+ file system had its fair share of success, but during the last years WWDC a new file system was announced for the IOS 10.3. The Apple File System or APFS has now made its way into the MacOS, through the High Sierra, and it is expected that you will get to see more of the action now on screen. The changes that were brought forward through the APFS for IOS were mostly behind the curtains, so the innovation to bring the action right in your hands is a major step towards feasibility.

The APFS will be the new default system in the MacOS and is going to introduce a 64 bit architecture that will cut down all the time it usually takes to handle common tasks. Apples Vice President of software demonstrated live, how fast the new file storage system actually is and how much of the time would be saved by using it. Furthermore, besides the fast storage and file transfer, the new Apple file system is bound to bring more security in the form of crash safe protections and in-built encryption.

A Fast And Reliable Safari

Apples opulent browser always gets a sure shot update whenever the MacOS gets a makeover. But this time around, Apple’s VP for software went all guns blazing by mentioning that the new update within High Sierra would make Safari, the fastest most reliable internet browser available. The version of Safari within High Sierra is said to be host to an 80 percent faster performance as compared to Google Chrome. The increase in performance is measured through the java script, which is bound to help us surf the internet at a more rapid pace.

Besides the increase in speed, the new MacOS will be bringing into the limelight two interesting updates in Apples internet browser. The two other features are:

  • The new update in Safari will eradicate the single most annoying thing present in browsers nowadays: Auto Play videos. We have in one way or another experienced the regrettable occurrence of an auto play video springing up out of nowhere. Safari brings forth an innovation, where the browser will immediately close the video before it starts invading your personal space. The feature will not only protect your ears but will also ensure that you save on your time.
  • Besides preventing damage to your ears, the update in Safari will also prevent the occurrence of any threat to your privacy. A new intelligent tracking system will track, identify and stop online tracking advertisers from getting a hold on your online activities. The new update will mean that you would not get bombarded with up to a dozen ads for vacuum cleaners, the next time you purchase one from Amazon.

Enjoy your time surfing the internet with a faster, better and improved Safari.

Smooth Videos

A lot of people adore the videos that they watch on their Mac’s because of the superior quality that is offered. The ‘High Sierra’ OS is adding to that experience by inculcating more promising features that are bound to increase the smoothness of your videos. The OS will support all 4K videos, and will also through the use of H.265 update itself to the new industry standards. The new features will make sure that videos are smoother and take up lesser space. Furthermore, if you’re a video creator, you can benefit from the new updates as the new innovations will also be included in the Pro Tools. All in all, watching a video is bound to be an even better and worthwhile experience with the ‘High Sierra’ OS.

Even Better Photos

‘Photos’ has been proclaimed as one of the most visited and used applications on the Mac. With the addition of new features, the application is bound to provide even more feasibility and ease to the users. Many new features await your attention in the High Sierra OS, including looped live photos, better organization and a new category for memories. The addition in the accuracy of photo identification will make it easier for the application to identify the people with you in your photos.

Besides the endless other features, the coolest feature is by a country mile the addition of latest editing tools. High Sierra adds a plethora of new tools to the already magnificent list of editors that Photos boasted off. The addition of a curves palette, new filters and a selective dropper for colors has already created a ripple amongst all users.

Apple has indeed upped its game with the launch of the High Sierra. Consisting of various features that cater to the underlying needs of all users, the new MacOS is built with perfection.