Apple aims to introduce an AR Headset in 2019

apple AR Headset in 2019
apple AR Headset in 2019
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After the successful launch of its recent products Apple Inc., seems to go further and try its hand at making a standalone AR or augmented reality headset too! Yes, the internet world is ripe with the news that Apple is gearing up to launch its very first AR headset by the year 2019.

Recently, Tim Cook, Apple CEO was seen stating that AR will definitely change the way people use technology. Perhaps, this was a clear indication from the company that is trying its hand for the first time in developing a standalone AR headset.

Earlier this year too, Apple was seen stepping for the first time in the field of AR by launching its ARKit in the popular iOS 11. Now, the expectations will definitely be double when the company is said to bring forward its first ever AR standalone headset by 2019.

We all know that Apple has been focusing on the AR field since last few years and this much talked about AR headset will be an achievement in this field only.

AR or Augmented Reality: For those of you who are still unsure about the AR or Augmented Reality Technology, let us inform you that it is a live direct or an indirect view of a real world like environment with augmented elements that are beautifully generated by computer guided effects.

Generating AR effects is no child’s play and perhaps, this is the reason that only a few companies have come up with their own AR headsets and Apple is going to be one of those companies. So, this standalone AR headset from Apple that is expected to launch in 2019 is surely one device to look forward to.

Acquired Vrvana: According to recent reports, Apple Inc., has even acquired Vrvana, the popular maker of Totem headset. This surely seems like a step forward from the company to make its upcoming AR headset.

The deal broke out at a stupendous $30 million is going to be added advantage for the company in designing and making the upcoming Apple AR standalone headset.

Aiming at 3D Video and Better Controls: If rumors are to be believed, Apple aims to introduce an ultimate 3D video experience for the users on this upcoming headset without worrying for the battery life.

Perhaps, this is the reason that speculations are high that this Apple AR standalone Headset will incorporate the latest in iOS platform, as seen in the recently launched iPhone models too. At the same time, the company is also putting focus on voice activation, touchscreens and smart hand signals for a proper control of the headset.

Price & Availability: As the makers at Apple have just started working on this much awaited standalone AR headset, so it is too early to predict the pricing of this device.

However, one thing is for sure that the wait for the arrival of Apple AR Headset will keep you waiting until 2019 or may be till 2020, as revealed by the inside reports.

So, stay tuned to grab the latest updates about this exciting AR headset from the house of Apple.