Anki Cozmo – A Short Review about a Cute Little Toy Robot

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Do you know that the sales of industrial robots are skyrocketing at a rapid pace globally? But robots are not just used in industries or warfare anymore; they can also be used in your homes as toys! How’s that possible, you might wonder. Anki is a company based in San Francisco that was established in 2010. It specializes in making robots with artificial intelligence that can be used as a toy in your homes. In October 2016, Anki launched Cozmo, a robot that has a mind of its own. The design and concept were inspired by the Wall-E robot. Unlike Wall-E, Cozmo is not a trash compactor rather it is a cute little thing that’ll nudge you to play.

Anki’s Cozmo won’t function all on its own, it has to be paired with your Smartphone. Only then it would function and explore things and play with you. This small palm-sized robot has become popular with kids and teenagers. Cozmo comes along with three coded cubes that blink multiple colors. Cozmo can identify and play with these cubes. It could arrange it and then topple them. This robot can drive around avoiding collision with other objects and can search for its cubes and can play with it. But do not be fooled by thinking that it’s all that it does. This robot has artificial intelligence programmed into it which means that it could learn new tricks with each passing day.

The biggest thing that we find lacking in this robot is that you cannot program it to do specific other tasks. In order to tackle this issue, the company has finally decided that they will open up Cozmo to Python programmers later this year. This definitely would be a great step as programmers, the world over will have a chance to try different things with Cozmo. Other than that, you can also control the robot using your Smartphone. The robot has a built-in camera which means you can make this tiny little robot to sneak into other people’s rooms and take some photographs. Hmm… that makes Cozmo a small detective robot, isn’t it?

To design the robot Anki worked with a former veteran of Pixar named Carlos Baena. Other sounds, like beeps, buzzes, and voices are also programmed into Cozmo. This language and expression are easy to understand and are considered as universally understandable. The Anki does not intend to stop here, according to them Cozmo is a project that will help them understand what it means to be a social robot.

This palm-sized robot toy can be purchased for around $180. In our opinion, this is a heck load of money for something that does not does anything productive. But, if you are a programmer or if you are allergic to pets only then we consider it suitable for you.