Amazon Echo Dot – A Short Review about Your Very Own Voice Assistant

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Do you remember about Amazon Echo? It was launched in the US in June 2015 and was widely appreciated. Amazon Echo brought to the market a product that no one has ever heard of, a smart voice-enabled wireless speaker. Although the product did what it promised but the design of Echo was not classy as one would expect it to be. It was a long cylindrical shaped speaker that didn't look modern at all. Now finally Amazon has modified Echo and has reduced its height. Here is a short review of the product that would help you in deciding whether you should purchase and integrate this modern technology to your home or not.

Amazon Echo Dot has an exceptional ability to recognize your voice and answer your query. It can also set an alarm, mark any event in the calendar and can also operate any electrical equipment connected to your home, just with your command. The previous model of Amazon Echo had one big drawback. The sound quality of Echo wasn’t up to the mark when listening to high-quality music and songs on Echo. Now in the Dot, Amazon’s engineers have finally provided an option that will allow users to connect Echo Dot with external speakers thereby giving you impeccable sound quality to enjoy the music.

Echo Dot can recognize your voice even when loud music is being played nearby. Using the Dot you can request a ride with Uber and can also listen to the recent news. Because of small size Echo Dot can easily be placed anywhere in the corner of the room. Small size does not mean that you would not be able to listen to some of the greatest music. Although the sound quality hasn't been improved but the option of connecting with external speaker has solved this problem for music lovers.

Amazon Echo Dot comes with a one-year limited warranty. It carries a price tag of $50 which is a very reasonable price for the product. The product has a smart technology that allows the Dot to adapt to your personal preferences, speech patterns, and vocabulary. It can be operated by using the wake word Alexa. We consider it imperative to mention here that Echo Dot is not the only smart voice-enabled wireless speaker with far-field voice recognition ability, Google has also launched a similar product by the name Google Home, which can be considered as an alternative to Echo Dot.

All in all, in our opinion Amazon Echo Dot is a technology that you should integrate into your home. It will definitely improve your productivity and efficiency and will allow you to operate thing all around your home from one location just by using your voice.