A sneak preview of Samsung Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro Smartwatches

Samsung Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro
Samsung Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro
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Now, aim to go beyond just fitness with the newly launched Samsung Gear and Fit2 Pro smartwatches. These two newly launched devices from the house of Samsung are expected to give a tough fight to the ruling Apple Watch 3 and Huawei smartwatches.

Designed to keep the users on a fast track, the new Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch is more expensive as compared to Fit2 Pro. Both these wearable are not just fitness bands but smart devices capable of doing a number of tasks simultaneously.

In fact, experts feel that the company is focussing on all segments of the gadget world, be it the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable in the smartphone world or these Gear smartwatches in the wearable segment.

Designing: Let us first enlighten you with the stylish designing and display of both these beautiful yet sturdy smartwatches from the house of Samsung. Out of the two, Gear Sport is a more stylish piece to wear made of premium steel and user interface with a unique rotating bezel and a Gorilla Glass 3 AMOLED Full Color AOD Display.

On the other hand, Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro smartwatch is a cheaper yet appealing fitness band sporting an ergonomic curved style super AMOLED Display.

Dimensions: Going by the exact dimensions of these watches, the former measures 44.6 x 42.9 x 11.6mm in dimensions with a 1.2” main display size. All it weighs is just 67 grams with the strap and 50 grams without the strap.

While, the latter and the cheaper one weighs just about 34 grams in all and is available in two band sizes. One measuring 125 ~ 165mm and the bigger one measuring 158 ~ 205mm, while both measuring 25.0 x 51.3mm in dimensions.

Water-Resistant Wearables: Considered as one of the top 5 smart wearables of 2017, both these smartwatches are water resistant and can stay safe for upto 50 meters of water. These swim ready watches are designed in a way so that the user can wear them carelessly even to track a swimming activity data.

No need to take these watches off your wrist even while bathing or getting wet in rain. You even get a water lock mode on these watches to keep them safe even amidst moisture.

Perfect Standalone Music Player: Enjoy oodles of your favourite music on this standalone music player that looks like a smartwatch but is much more than that. You can easily store your favourite music tracks on both these Samsung Gear Sport smartwatches and even download more tunes from Spotify playlists in a fraction of seconds.

MP3, 3GA, MP4, AAC, OGA, AMR, WAV, AWB, WMA and OGG are some of the popular audio playing formats supported on these watches.

In-Built GPS Tracking: Another salient feature appreciated by users who have already grabbed one of these smart wearables is its in-built GPS capability. You will never get lost your way with these watches on your wrist because they are powered to capture all the miles you run or drive with precision.

Stay Connected: Not to forget, these pretty watches that are already posing a threat to Apple Watch 3 and Garmin Vivoactive 3 because they offer an ultimate power to stay connected. You can easily receive and respond to calls and text messages on these watches without taking your phone in your hand.

Samsung Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro smartwatches are compatible with the latest iOS and Android OS supporting smartphones. They are even compatible with Bluetooth enables smartphones.

Your Fitness Tracker: Needless to say, both these Gear Sport smartwatches from the house of Samsung can act as your perfect fitness trackers. From counting your calories to calculating your heart rate data and measuring your daily workout regime, these watches can do a lot more than an ordinary fitness band.

Moreover, you can even choose to avail personal coaching right from your wrist with these watches on. It won’t be wrong to state that these two new Gear Sport smartwatches have been designed to motivate the user to achieve all the set fitness goals to ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pay on the Go: Another thing that actually sounds like a feather in the cap is the fact that both these recently launched gadgets are compatible with Samsung’s own Pay NFC and allows you to pay on the go. Yes, you can leave cashless with this smart feature on these wearable devices.

Processor, RAM and Storage: Incorporating a powerful 1GHz dual core processor, Gear Sport watch can be relied upon for multitasking anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, Fit2 Pro boasts of a 1GHz Dual Core Exynos 3250 processor.

Feel free to store as many as 500 songs on the playlists of these Gear Sport smartwatches that comes with a whopping 4GB ROM and 1.5GB inbuilt memory storage.

Powerful Battery Life: Talking about the battery life of both these recently launched smartwatches, once charged they can go on for upto 5 days of low usage and upto 3 days of high usage without interruption.

Gear Sport comes fitted with a decent 300mAh battery, while Fit2 Pro comes with a 200mAh Li-Ion battery. All you need to recharge both these watches is a wireless charging dock.

Additional Features: Apart from being compatible with Samsung S-Voice and S-Health, both these Samsung Gear Sport smartwatches offer an array of additional features like alarm, gallery, news briefing, music player, weather, barometer, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, find my phone, schedule, email and messages.

Pricing: With a price tag of $249.99, Gear Sport is the expensive watch out of the two launched by Samsung recently. However, if you wish to pick the second one, you can easily buy it by spending just about $149.99.

In box Contents: The entire package of these watches when bought will include not just the watch but a band strap, quick start guide, user manual and a charging dock. Apart from these, you get a full 1 year warranty on its parts and labor.

Availability: Color options available in Samsung Gear Sport are black and blue, while you may still choose to pick the Fit2 Pro watch in colors like red and black.