A new gen Twitter experience is here

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With a plethora of new social media apps now taking over the millennial generation, there is a lot that Twitter needs to do in order to stay relevant and to continue to grow. For this exact reason, Twitter has now started looking beyond your laptops and mobiles.
The company recently announced its launch as an app on the Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV. This will enable a user to log on to Twitter account through these apps on their televisions. This obviously includes live streaming of 10 NFL Thursday Night Football games, in addition to the many other events getting live streamed from across the world on Twitter. If you have an Apple TV, you will be able to view live streaming as well as the top tweets simultaneously on your TV screens along with top trending Vines and Periscopes of the day.

What makes this an interesting announcement you may ask. First of all, this definitely widens the scope of content that is now available for Apple TV to entertain its audience. This obviously is highly beneficial for the cord cutters that are always looking for fresh content. Additionally if Twitter really continues to forge new partnerships for generating content like the one with NFL for additional live streams, it is going to open a whole world of new content options who may not want to purchase a cable subscription.
Second of all, and equally interesting for the company, Twitter announced that users don’t need a Twitter account to access these HD live streams. Neither do they need cable or satellite subscriptions. This makes the announcement incredibly important to its inactive or dormant users who make it harder to track them since the company doesn’t have any data on their interests and requirements. These users still consume Twitter through dissemination in from of logged out users- and this is a lot of content.
Twitter sees this partnership as an opportunity to get exponential growth as far as the reach for its content is concerned with apps like these. Industry experts are seeing this as considerably more than just serving as a second screen for, this is the pivotal point in Twitter’s trajectory where the company seems to be ready to explore new forms of content creation and potentially put its best version forward to as many new eyeballs as possible.
Perhaps the greatest testament to this theory is Twitter’s partnership with Alexa app that was announced a few days ago. This partnership extends Twitter’s application to yet another form factor for its content. With this app, users will be able to listen to the latest tweets around a topic by pairing it with Amazon Echo speaker. Apart from the fact that it makes us reconsider the significance of Alexa ecosystem, it also reiterates Twitter’s positioning as the public opinion platform- and is win –win solution for both Alexa and Twitter. It is clear from all these announcements that Twitter is invested in looking beyond extending itself on second screens, and present various other content experiences to its users and non-users.
The bottom line of creating all these experiences is in fact to attract more eyeballs thereby attracting more advertising revenues. If Twitter is able to continue to get into more such meaningful partnerships that can keep a large base of audience engaged around live events or otherwise, attracting more eyeballs should not be an issue at least not in the near future. We focus on live events specifically because these have been Twitter’s sweet spot for engaged chatter since its inception- whether it has been presidential elections, Super Bowl or the Olympics. In this context, partnering with an app tied to live streaming on Apple TV obviously makes a lot of sense.
With all these partnerships in the background, it is important to note that Twitter’s core growth is clearly stalling a little. Its stocks have gone down by almost 35% in the last one year and a lot has been said about the company missing its quarterly targets along the way. It may seem like the journey has started, but Twitter has a long way to go to get more creative and reignite engagement with its users and stabilizing its growth. This new beginning of industry partnerships is being seen as the company’s first steps to get out of a comfort zone to prove that it can be a stable profitable company independently. The next generation of Twitter experience starts immediately with these new content form factors as the core experience just got extended beyond 140 characters.