A Moment of Silence for the Legacy Version of Google Drive

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 Old is gold, but it seems that the engineers at Google won’t agree with you. They have decided that they will soon discontinue older version of Google drive and will force the users to update to a newer version. Google Drive is synchronization and a file storage service that allows the users to share files, save it to the cloud, and synchronize files across different devices. This feature by Google was launched on April 24, 2012.

Google Drive is not the only file hosting and file sharing service, there are many other apps and software that allows the user to save their important files on the cloud so that they can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Some popular file hosting service includes Yandex Disk, One Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Baidu Cloud and Amazon Drive.

Google gives 15GB free space to every user and charges money if you want to purchase higher amounts of storage space. For around four years the users have been using this new feature of Google but all those who didn't migrate to newer versions are about to get a surprise. The old versions will be permanently shut down on April 3 this year. This step is taken so that users can enjoy a better version of Google drive, says the official at Google.

Of course, it won't send any shockwaves among the users of legacy Drive because most people have already updated to newer versions. But if you were procrastinating and skipping the update then this is the high time to update to a newer and more user-friendly version. In order to facilitate you, we have identified those versions of Google Drive that needs to be updated. So, the version numbers for iOS that needs to be updated before 4th April 2017 are

o Google Slides version 1.2016.12203

o Google Docs version 1.2016.12204

  • Google Sheets version 1.2016.12208
  • Google Drive version 4.16

And for Android

  • Google Slides version 1.6.292
  • Google Docs version 1.6.292
  • Google Sheets version 1.6.292
  • Google Drive version 2.4.311

No need to panic, the files, and folders that you’ve saved on your Google Drive won’t vanish. You will just get a notice, notifying you that you need to update to the newer version or else you won’t be able to use this feature of Google Drive. It is also imperative to mention here that some Google Drive users that are using a very old version will be required to update to the newer more recent version after 1st March this year. While the users of the version mentioned above have to migrate and install new version before 3rd April. Also, the web versions of the app do not need to be updated as they get updated to a new version automatically.