A Concise Guide On Sound Systems

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Many people these days break the bank when it comes to buying a television, but often use the same old sound system that has been lying in the living room for ages. What people do not realize is that to truly enjoy your television, it has to be integrated with a kickass sound system. Without a proper sound system, the audio will not do justice to the visuals. This will deprive you of the chance to enjoy your television to the fullest.

The sound system industry has evolved into one of the most competitive industries out there. Each company has instilled their business persona or brand identity into their sound systems. This is perfect for consumers as there are so many high quality sound systems to choose from, this gives us the power to choose a sound system that best suits our needs and budget. On the other hand, since there are so many products out there, it is difficult to keep track of the latest trends, rest assured we have you covered.

Top 5 Sound Systems Of 2016

After much scrutiny , we have narrowed down our search to comprise a list of the most impressive sound systems that were introduced to the market last year. These sound systems are as follows:

1. Bose 6 Series V

Many people consider Bose to be the personification of high quality sound, and this is so true. The Bose 6 series is an incredible sound system that has quintet speakers that can be strategically placed around a room. Besides this, it has a robust woofer and a precise bass module which ensures that speakers produce high quality sound and beats.

2. Yamaha NS-SP1800

This is one of the most popular sound systems in the market today. This Yamaha speaker has the capacity of 600 watts and has excelling performance dynamics compared to its competitors. Besides this, the Yamaha NS-SP1800 has an impressive frequency rate of 50KHZ and even though it is a powerful speaker it is available at an affordable price.

3. Definitive Mythos

This is the perfect sound system for people out there who do not want to splash a lot of cash on their sound systems. This sound system has two tower speakers with an eye catching granite base. Besides its design, the Definitive Mythos has an inbuilt subwoofer that is made of aluminum to produce high quality sound and a resounding bass.

4. JBL Ceiling Speaker

This masterpiece sound system is one of the first of its kind as it can easily be attached to a ceiling and is perfect for large areas such as basements or sitting areas. The JBL veiling speaker can easily be integrated with a home theater, which will give you a cinema experience like no other. The speakers itself have the capacity frequency range of 32HZ plus the woofers are surrounded by rubber to make sure that they never overheat no matter how long they are used.

5. Polk Audio Blackstone

This sound system comprises of four wireless speakers, center speaker and subwoofers. It is the perfect sound system for people who love listening to music as it can easily be integrated with any WIFI enabled device or television. Besides this, it has an impressive frequency range to ensure that it only produces high quality sounds.

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