A Concise Guide On Fitness Trackers

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FITBIT was the first company to represent itself as a respectable niche in the market of fitness trackers. The idea behind these trackers was to help people keep track of their physical well being in a fun and attractive manner. These FITBIT trackers were basically designed to give the user an incentive and motivation to exercise as it constantly keeps track of the user’s daily routine. After FITBIT became an instant success, many other companies entered into this lucrative market and these days there are so many fitness trackers out there it is difficult to keep up with the current market trends.

Top 4 Fitness Trackers

As mentioned before, there are many fitness trackers out there that are easily available in the market today, but we have streamlined our search to find the top 4 fitness trackers keeping a variety of factors into perspective. These products are:

  • FITBIT Flex: FITBIT recently launched its crown jewel: the FITBIT flex. This bracelet measures your daily activities including the number of steps you take, calories you burnt, distance covered and even the quality of your sleep. This bracelet was solely designed for athletes and has surpassed expectations in both design and functionality.
  • FITBIT Charge 2: The FITBIT charge 2 is one of the most expensive fitness trackers available in the market today but it is perfect for people who love jogging as the price is nothing compared to running watches. The FITBIT charge 2 has the same functions as its predecessors, but it can now be used to connect to external devices such as a mobile phone or tablet. What really sets this fitness tracker apart from the rest of the pack is its refined design that depicts class and perfection.
  • Samsung Gear Fit 2: Samsung has made substantial changes to its gear fit line with this innovative product. This fitness tracker can easily integrate with any android device and has every function that you could possible want in a fitness tracker. Besides this, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 has an interactive screen that makes it easy to use and has a futuristic look that is eye catching. Samsung also focused heavily on the design as there is no doubt that this is one of the most comfortable fitness trackers in the market today.
  • Microsoft Band 2: This fitness tracker in essence is an upgraded version of its predecessor but without all of the flaws. This innovative product is equipped with eleven sensors including optical heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, capacitive sensor and a precise accelerometer. Besides this, the Microsoft Band 2 has a two day battery life which is outstanding compared to other fitness trackers and if that’s not enough, this is more powerful than all of the fitness trackers mentioned above!


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