5 Most Anticipated Phones to be released in 2017

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Looking for an upgrade to your phone? You might want to look at some up-and-coming-phones that are due to be released in 2017. This list has android, iPhone and windows phones that you absolutely have to see to believe. In 2017, these new phones will have faster performance without compromising on battery life.

For instance, the new Snapdragon 835 chip is said to enable faster performance, 25% faster graphic rendering at almost half of the power consumption of its predecessor, the Snapdragon 801. Qualcomm says that it has 20% extra performance. Combined with at least 32GB of storage, 4-8GB RAM, best in class cameras for capturing those special moments and bigger Quad HD screens for crisp details, these phones are sure to pack a solid punch that would even make One-Punch Man feel proud.

  1. Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

It is rumored to bear resemblance to a thin sheet of glass thanks to its edge to edge OLED screen. Rumors have it that may have the option of wireless charging , coupled with Iris scanning, facial recognition and other biometric features. It will run the Apple A11 processor along with a new motion co-processor. The physical home button will be gone while the touch scanner will be hidden in the glass. One of Apple’s suppliers said that at least one of the company’s phones for 2017 will consist of a glass body.

  1. Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus(launched)

It is said that it will feature a bezel-less screen with a built-in finger print scanner with the loss of a home button. The same metal-and-glass front/back combo will be featured as it was in the S6 and A-Series. The audio jack can also disappear with a preference to USB-C being given. A 6 or 8 GB ram will make it one of the fastest phones on the market when it comes. It may even move into super high-res. 5.1 inch screens, going from Quad-HD to Ultra-HD, that are coupled best with the android nougat for the ultimate VR experience. It may even bump its panel size to 5.5 or 5.7 inch.

  1. Galaxy Note 8

Note 8 will most likely seek to mend the bruised reputation of Samsung following the catastrophe with Note 7. Samsung is not about to drop its Note-line just yet, as some people think, nor will it be releasing it sooner with the Galaxy S8. We can expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the third quarter of 2017 and it will definitely include 5.7 inch Quad-HD or Super AMOLED screen with the all too familiar S Pen support, waterproofing, a processor and RAM for the best mobile VR experience and a dual camera.

  1. Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Corporate VP, Panos Panay, has had his hands full as he has been working on a prototype for a phone. People were beginning to think that this was just a myth owing to a very few exaggerated rumors. If it will be launched, it will in 2017. It will most likely feature the Snapdragon 835 processor, a 5.7 inch Quad-HD AMOLED, 4GB ram, 64 and 128GB variants, 21MP back and 8MP front cameras. A surface pen and USB-C port may also be included.

  1. LG G6

It is rumored to feature a front and rear made entirely of glass. It may have the option of wireless charging and a processor, RAM and graphics combo to take the LG G6 VR experience to the next level. It is rumored that the Iris scanner will use the same sensor used in the front camera which features a special filter to make that possible.