4 Creepiest Horror Games that will be Released This Year

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Have you ever experienced fear when playing a video game? We know this sound like an absurd question. After all, games are designed to entertain players. But we think you might be interested in knowing that there are some horror games too that are released every year. Want to know the titles of horror games that will be released this year? Here are list of four games that will be released in 2017.

1. Prey

This is first person shooter game that is developed by Arkane Studios. It is a multi-platform game that will send shivers down your spine while you try to survive in this game. The game is based on an alternate timeline showing the players what could have happened if President John F. Kennedy had survived the assassination attempt.

The game shows that the President would have increased the funding of space program and the humans may have made contact with aliens. In this game, the player will be fighting against those aliens who are attacking the Earth as well as the human space station. This game is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2017. Click here to watch the trailer of this game.

2. We Happy Few

Developed by Compulsion Games, We Happy Few too will be out for purchase this year. Just like ‘Prey’, this game too is based on an alternate timeline. It shows what would have happened if the results of World War II would have been different. In the beginning of the game everything looks normal until the player finds out that he and everyone else is on a pill named joy and the actual conditions are actually quite . In the rest of the game the player will try to escape the city before the social collapse. Click here to watch the trailer of this game.

3. Visage

Visage is also a horror video game based around an independent survivor. This too is a multi-platform game that is expected to be released before June 2017. It is developed by SadSquare Studio. The game is set inside a house which is possessed by some evil spirits. The player in the game will get visions about the fragments of history about what happened in this place. Each vision from the past will pull the player closer to the dark past of this house. Click here to watch the trailer of Visage.


4. Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

According to the press release by the company, this game will be releasing on the 24th day of January 2017. This first-person, multi-platform game, is developed by Capcom. In the game, the player will fight against mutant creatures and will try to find her missing wife. This all may sound just like a plot of any other game but the graphics and sounds in Resident Evil 7 will definitely make you shiver. Click here to watch the trailer of Resident Evil 7.