2016 Tech 4 Biggest Mergers & Acquisitions

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The world that we all are living in is the world of super capitalism. The whole world seems to be in a race of getting the highest yield on its capital invested. The companies in which most of us work in are legal entities that can purchase other companies or offer itself for sale. In the previous year too there were many companies that got merged with other companies or got acquired by others. Here we have listed four biggest mergers and acquisitions that happened in 2017.

1. Acquisition of EMC by Dell Technologies

This deal was closed on 7th September 2016 at $65billion; making it the largest ever acquisition in the technologies sector. The news of acquisition was released in 2015. Dell Technologies now owns all the businesses of the former EMC. Now Dell Technologies, after the acquisition, is valued at a little more than $70 billion. The Dell Technologies’ businesses now span from consumer PCs, servers to the management of small, mid and the largest business data centers in the world.

2. Merger of CSC with HPE

Yes we know, the deal isn’t closed yet but still it is the second biggest deal in the tech industry that got announced in the previous year. Hewlett Packard Enterprises is merging with China’s CSC to create more business opportunities and to cut their costs. One reason analysts have cited is that both the corporations were faced with continuous stream of losses due to which it looks a great idea to partner with each other to support each other. It is expected that the merger will result in the total cost saving of $1.5 billion annually. The deal, according to the company’s officials will be closed in March 2017.

3. Broadcom acquired Brocade

This acquisition is also not complete but still it could be ranked number three on our list of biggest merger and acquisitions. Broadcom, which is a manufacturer of semiconductor, is in the process of acquiring communication system provider Brocade at a price of $5.9 billion. This deal was announced in November 2016. Broadcom officials told that it plans to sell some of the divisions of Brocade, this news created uncertainty among customers that in turn has forced the customers to hold off their purchases.

4. Tech Data acquired Avnet Technology Solutions

Both Tech Data and Avnet Technology Solutions are IT service providers. Tech Data confirmed on September 19, 2016 that it will be acquiring the data center business of Avnet Technology. The deal is expected to close in 2017. According to many analysts, the value added distribution landscape would be reshaped after this deal is closed. Also, the acquisition would help Tech Data to capture a much bigger market share and develop more business opportunities. The company officials have also confirmed that the Tech Data have agreed to pay $2.6 billion for acquiring Avnet’s data center business