25 Sep 2017

SAP to acquire customer identity management startup Gigya for USD 350 million by Ruchika Sharma

Europe’s largest tech behemoth and enterprise software company SAP has announced its plans to acquire Israeli tech startup Gigya. The company plans to leverage Gigya’s expertise to further develop its own Hybris platform which offers solutions for customer engagement and commerce. With this, the company will get closer to realizing its goal of becoming the first company to offer bu ... Read More

23 Sep 2017

Hummingbird Raises 95 million USD investment fund for tech startups by Ruchika Sharma

Hummingbird Ventures, a venture capital firm based out of London and Antwerp, has managed to raise a new investment fund. The fund raised a total of ninety five million USD from a varied group of investors. Hummingbird aims to deploy these assets as late stage seed and series A funding in the tech startup sector. Investment Target Areas The fund invests primarily in Europe, with a few furth ... Read More

21 Sep 2017

MIT launches Venture Capital Fund - The Engine by Ruchika Sharma

Boston being one of the epicenters of technology innovation globally is like the breeding ground for the next Eureka moment to strike a certain someone which might solve some of the biggest challenges in the business as well as ecological world. Amidst the funding drought that extremely fancy startup ideas called “moonshots” are facing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has d ... Read More

8 May 2017

2016 Tech 4 Biggest Mergers & Acquisitions by Aapt Dubey

The world that we all are living in is the world of super capitalism. The whole world seems to be in a race of getting the highest yield on its capital invested. The companies in which most of us work in are legal entities that can purchase other companies or offer itself for sale. In the previous year too there were many companies that got merged with other companies or got acquired by others. He ... Read More

merger and acquisition
23 Mar 2017

Google Acquires Kaggle! by Aapt Dubey

Kaggle is a platform for analytics competitions and for prognostic modeling. This innovative company was founded in 2010 and since then has come a very long way and currently employ a vast network of almost half a million scientists who pioneer in data science. According to reports, Kaggle has managed to accumulate a staggering $12.5million over a span of 6 years and only time will tell how this v ... Read More

21 Mar 2017

Walmart has Acquired ModCloth! by Aapt Dubey

Yes, you read that right. One of the largest multinational retail corporations has recently diversified into an entirely new field by acquiring ModCloth. Walmart currently operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount departments stores and grocery stores, but that will all change now with its latest acquisition of ModCloth. This deal was finalized last Friday and included assets and operations. The ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Voonik gets Silicon Valley based Chief Data Scientist by Aapt Dubey

For some time now, Voonik has been restructuring its top management team. In the series of various other announcements, it was revealed recently that it has now appointed Raghu Lakkapragada as their Chief Operating Officer. Raghu Lakkapragada is based in Silicon Valley and has earlier served as finance head of Myntra and COO at Amazon. Additionally, in a company statement, it was also announced ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Leesa Sleep launches Sapira, The luxury mattress industry by Aapt Dubey

In the last couple of years, integration of technology with the mattress industry has really stirred up the business. New series of superior quality mattresses are now being made in various options of foam, customized as per your bed size and delivered directly to the doorsteps. Who doesn’t remember the good old days of shopping for high-end mattresses what with the unbelievably high prices, ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Disney and Saban Ventures to invest $15 million in Playbuzz by Aapt Dubey

In this age of conversational economy and social media becoming the primary field of brand engagement, fun content has become an absolute serious business. As a testimony to this trend, Playbuzz recently announced that it had bagged $15 million in strategic funding from Saban Ventures and Disney. In March last year, Playbuzz had received $16 million round of funding from 83 North in the lead and o ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Maple: Reinventing Lunch Delivery For Work In Manhattan by Aapt Dubey

It is a widely known phenomenon that most New York professionals do not really have a legitimate lunch break during a work day. Having a full one hour for the much-needed refreshment in middle of the day is still a luxury for most here. It is only appropriate then that this city is now the place with the most number of food delivery enterprises in the world. Services like Seamless, GrubHub and a l ... Read More

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