6 Jul 2017

Snapchat ups its Social Media Ante by Ruchika Sharma

Silicon Valley C.A. is home to quite a few startups, with Snapchat being one of the prominent ones. It has been pioneering quite a few trends on social media with the others in the space such as Instagram, Slingshot and even Facebook. Snapchat has now gone ahead and released a critical new update which it believes will help in roping in even more advertising and brand promotion revenue onto its ... Read More

8 - Snapchat update
3 Jul 2017

Facebook launches its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature globally by Ruchika Sharma

Facebook is rolling out its new feature ‘Find wi-fi’ to help people find wi-fi anywhere. In today's digital world, the internet is a necessity, and if one has limited data plan, free wi-fi is very precious. Facebook will now help its users locate the nearest hotspots with its new feature inside its mobile application. The feature was launched last year and was being tested in a ... Read More

3-Facebook find Wi Fi
30 May 2017

Share & Discuss Videos by new Messaging Service by Youtube by Aapt Dubey

Last year, in the month of May, the YouTube officials revealed that they have developed a new feature and are now testing it with a limited number of users. They were tight lipped and didn’t disclose anything further. Finally, the YouTube officials have spilled the beans. They’ve announced that they have developed an in-app messaging service that will be integrated with the YouTube app ... Read More

28 Apr 2017

Facebook announces victory after a 6 month spam operation by Aapt Dubey

Facebook has recently announced that they have finally put an end to the coordinated spam which was plaguing their website for the past six months. Previously Facebook’s security team had released a statement that inauthentic accounts were being created all around the world, these accounts would then like a few pages and then relentlessly spam them for a couple of days. They further stated t ... Read More

15 Apr 2017

Google has launched its first Machine learning chip by Aapt Dubey

Last year Google had announced at its developer conference that they have currently embarked on a new project of creating its own personalized chips to help expedite the machines capacity in learning different algorithms. It has almost been a year since Google’s intriguing announcement and according to sources Google has finally broken their silence and has started sharing intricate details ... Read More

8 Apr 2017

YouTube TV finally goes Live in five Cities! by Aapt Dubey

Last February social media giant YouTube announced that it is working on a live TV streaming bundle, to give every cable provider a run for their money! Now that time has finally come as YouTube has unveiled its latest project dubbed as the YouTube TV. Currently the YouTube live streaming bundle is only available in five cities including, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and San Franci ... Read More

29 Mar 2017

Recent Uproar Has Forced Google to Revamp Advertisement Policies by Aapt Dubey

There has been a recent uproar regarding Google’s advertisement policies, as many powerhouse companies have voiced their concerns that they do not want their advertisements displayed next to content that defies their values. Basically, Google has been displaying advertisements alongside controversial content on YouTube and a whole host of other sites. This programmatic advertising apparently ... Read More

27 Mar 2017

Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Android O by Aapt Dubey

Last year, Google set yet another benchmark for mobile operating systems with the Android Nougat, and apparently they have outdone themselves yet again. Recently, Google announced the developer preview of their latest mobile operating system dubbed the Android O. According to sources the internet giant is made extended battery life and optimum device interface their priority, and the new update ... Read More

android o
19 Mar 2017

Connect with Government Officials Through Facebook! by Aapt Dubey

Yes you read that right. Facebook has recently launched a new feature dubbed as the ‘Town Hall’. This feature allows users to connect with government officials on state, federal and local levels. It is essentially a space that is dedicated to increase civil engagement and to the people who want to play an integral role in the political process. This is without a doubt a step in the rig ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Now iPhone users can add Live Photo-to-boomerang on Instagram by Aapt Dubey

Instagram users were in for a surprise yesterday when the co-founder Mike Krieger announced that iPhone 7 Plus users can now add Live Photo to Boomerang and create great GIFs. Not only that, but users can also choose from a wider range of colors on the micro photo blogging platform. Interestingly, the announcement was made via a couple of tweets. Earlier a user had to shoot ‘live photos l ... Read More

iphone user

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