Twitter Makes it Easy

Twitter is all set to up its game after a dismal last quarter earnings. It has launched a new program to spread the word on its platform and reach out...
1 Aug 2017 | By Ruchika Sharma
8 - Snapchat update
Snapchat ups its Social Media Ante
6 Jul 2017 | By Ruchika Sharma

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Hillary Vs Trump,US Presidential Debates On Facebook
We know Facebook as the unchallenged social media giant of our times. Founder Mark Zuckerberg says &...
11 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
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Google’s new messaging app Allo
If you are wondering why are most tech giants invested in some or the other mobile messaging apps, i...
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amazon pantry
New Apps on the block: Google Trips and Amazon Pantry
Here is all that is new at the Google and Amazon apps ecosystem! Google Trips Earlier this week,...
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A new gen Twitter experience is here
With a plethora of new social media apps now taking over the millennial generation, there is a lot t...
11 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey

3-Facebook find Wi Fi
Facebook launches its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature globally
3 Jul 2017 | Ruchika Sharma
Share & Discuss Videos by new Messaging Service by Youtube
30 May 2017 | Aapt Dubey
Facebook announces victory after a 6 month spam operation
28 Apr 2017 | Aapt Dubey
Google has launched its first Machine learning chip
15 Apr 2017 | Aapt Dubey
YouTube TV finally goes Live in five Cities!
8 Apr 2017 | Aapt Dubey
Recent Uproar Has Forced Google to Revamp Advertisement Policies
29 Mar 2017 | Aapt Dubey
android o
Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Android O
27 Mar 2017 | Aapt Dubey
Connect with Government Officials Through Facebook!
19 Mar 2017 | Aapt Dubey
Now iPhone users can add Live Photo-to-boomerang on Instagram
17 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
Google Home
17 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
Google Daydream View
17 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
Google Assistance
17 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
Google Allo
17 Jan 2017 | By Aapt Dubey

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