21 Sep 2017

Cuba under mysterious sonic attack? by Ruchika Sharma

People working in the US embassy in Cuba have been, for the past year, reporting the experience of extremely unusual collection of symptoms from vertigo, hearing loss, nausea, concussions etc. as reported by CBS news. The source of this illness is being termed as a mystery, with several rumors and speculation pointing towards a secret sonic weapon being used (existence unknown to the world). As ... Read More

Sonic attack
16 Jul 2017

A 3D printed Human Heart by Ruchika Sharma

Medical science has jumped leaps and bounds since the early 20th century to reach where it is right now. Along with medical science making advancements all over the world, the ancillaries to the medical industry too are making strides of their own with the growing needs and time. A very stand out ancillary, the prosthetics industry has been making its own strides in bionics, osseointegration an ... Read More

25 - heart
17 Jan 2017

The Internet of Things (IOT) by Aapt Dubey

What is it? The Internet of Things may sound like the title of a sci-fi movie or book. That’s not too far from the reality the concept represents: a network of physical objects have IP addresses to connect to the Internet, and these objects are able to communicate with each other as well as with Internet-enabled devices and systems. In more technical terms, physical objects like heart mon ... Read More

IOT internet of thing
17 Jan 2017

Cloud Computing by Aapt Dubey

Is It Fluffy? The cloud! It’s a term you hear everywhere you go, and you sort of vaguely know what it is, but never well enough to explain it to your dad. So what exactly is this mysterious floating (?) storage space? Well, that’s all it is, really – a storage space. Just online instead of on a physical computer or network. The cloud is really just another word for the Interne ... Read More

cloud computing

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