3 Apr 2017

Move over Apple: The Samsung S8 has finally arrived by Aapt Dubey

Recently Samsung has unveiled their latest flagship smart phone, dubbed as the Samsung S8. This phone has revolutionized the design and capabilities by breaking through the confines of smart phone displays, as it has a large immersive screen that provides pure content that is unparallel in comparison. Samsung has combined beauty and performance in seamless fashion to create the S8, which is exactl ... Read More

18 Feb 2017

New Launched LG W7 OLED TV by Aapt Dubey

LG’s commitment to using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is apparent from the 10 models it already has which utilize that technology. Its 2017 Flagship model, the LG W7 OLED TV, is no exception. Let’s see what LG has in store! Specs and Picture Quality It is available in 65 and 77 inch variants and looks to be more promising than last year’s Picture-On-Glass ... Read More

10 Feb 2017

Ehang Passenger Drone –Cleared for Testing by Aapt Dubey

No child would have ever dreamed of achieving a lifestyle akin to that shown in a futuristic cartoon named ‘The Jetsons’. Yet here we are with miraculous advances in robotics and flying cars that have completely changed the way we live and work. The good thing is that it’s just the beginning. Ehang, a Chinese company, launched its first-ever unmanned aerial vehicle at the Consume ... Read More

2 Feb 2017

Anki Cozmo – A Short Review about a Cute Little Toy Robot by techrevel

Do you know that the sales of industrial robots are skyrocketing at a rapid pace globally? But robots are not just used in industries or warfare anymore; they can also be used in your homes as toys! How’s that possible, you might wonder. Anki is a company based in San Francisco that was established in 2010. It specializes in making robots with artificial intelligence that can be used as a to ... Read More

27 Jan 2017

Amazon Echo Dot – A Short Review about Your Very Own Voice Assistant by techrevel

Do you remember about Amazon Echo? It was launched in the US in June 2015 and was widely appreciated. Amazon Echo brought to the market a product that no one has ever heard of, a smart voice-enabled wireless speaker. Although the product did what it promised but the design of Echo was not classy as one would expect it to be. It was a long cylindrical shaped speaker that didn't look modern at a ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Reviewing SendinBlue: the new marketing automation block by techrevel

Team TechRevel team set out to find the most reliable, simplest to use and cost effective marketing platform when we came across SendinBlue. Launched in 2012, SendinBlue has not only email marketing services on offer but also supports SMS campaigns. They are also proficiently helping businesses with what they call” transactional” emails such as password resets, order confirmation, and ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

PlayStation VR Headset Review:Will Disrupt The Market by techrevel

Let’s get this straight! Virtual Reality devices are a hell lot of fun. But there are three reasons why you probably haven’t bought a VR gaming device just yet. First, there’s not enough content to keep you hooked. Second, the titles currently on the market are more experiential than a well-established next-level technology product. Third and the most important, they are damn exp ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

The Apple Watch Series 2 by techrevel

About As Good As It Gets Show of hands – how many of you out there really and truly need a smartwatch? That’s what I thought. As devices go, smartwatches tend fall on the inessential side of things. But, if you‘re big on sports or your heart’s set on one of these babies, you could do a whole lot worse than the Apple Watch Series 2. This model has gotten a lot closer to a ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Macbook Pro by techrevel

The latest 15-inch Macbook Pro is a worthy redesign indeed to this solid line of machines. It’s sleeker and lighter, but retains the build quality, powerful processing and long battery life that have long been the hallmarks of the Pro experience. Additionally, it plays host to Apple’s new Touch Bar, which allows for a more intuitive interaction with apps. Of course, it isn’t perf ... Read More

17 Jan 2017

Goolge Home by techrevel

Home = Echo? Google Home invites some clear comparisons to the Alexa Echo, what with the similar smart assistant that can play music, read out the news and weather and take charge of your smart home. But those are some surface level similarities. For starters, Google Home is around $50 cheaper than the Echo, and you can customize it further, coming in grey, orange, purple and teal fabric, as we ... Read More

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