10 hours ago

Get ready to burn a hole in your pocket with the soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8! by Ruchika Sharma

After basking in the success of Samsung Note 7, Samsung is all geared up to launch its costliest phone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Call it a luxury or a smart phone, but one thing is for sure that this much awaited phone won’t be an easy pick for many due to its expensive price. This high end android phone from Samsung is believed to showcase the company’s all new display and screen technol ... Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
11 hours ago

OnePlus accused of using cheat codes yet again with OnePlus 5 to pass the benchmark test by Ruchika Sharma

Earlier this year, it was found that OnePlus 3T was using cheat codes to pass the benchmark tests in order to boost its performance.  Apparently, history seems to be repeating itself! Yes, just a couple of days after the official release of OnePlus 5, accusations of the company using cheat codes to clear the benchmark test have surfaced yet again! As per reports by XDA Developers, OnePlus ... Read More

3 days ago

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ by Ruchika Sharma

Are you in a dilemma about which of the two phones to buy out of the newly launched OnePlus 5 and already popular Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone? Read on for a detailed comparison between the two phones in terms of specs, features and price. Design: Talking in terms of design, both these phones are stylish and attractive. However; with just 7.2mm thickness and 153grams weight OnePlus 5 is both s ... Read More

OnePlus5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8+
5 Apr 2017

Everything you need to Know about the Samsung S8+! by Aapt Dubey

Samsung has just announced the arrival of the Samsung S8+ and people all around the world simply cannot wait to get their hands on this magnificent phone. Currently the Samsung S8+ is not on the market as the booking dates have begun from Wednesday 29th march and the ETA of these phones is after April 20th. This phone has taken the market by storm as many people have claimed that this might the be ... Read More

samsung s8
3 Apr 2017

Move over Apple: The Samsung S8 has finally arrived by Aapt Dubey

Recently Samsung has unveiled their latest flagship smart phone, dubbed as the Samsung S8. This phone has revolutionized the design and capabilities by breaking through the confines of smart phone displays, as it has a large immersive screen that provides pure content that is unparallel in comparison. Samsung has combined beauty and performance in seamless fashion to create the S8, which is exactl ... Read More

samsung s8
3 Feb 2017

Asus ZenFone AR by techrevel

Asus ZenFone AR gives the users an option to use both AR and VR in a single device for the first time. It is by far the world’s first AR phone, an accolade claimed by the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro “tablet” which had a huge 6.4 inch screen. This may be a good thing, because the Asus ZenFone AR is not hopelessly oversized. It has a ton of sensors and lots of cool features and specs. Fea ... Read More

asus zenfone
27 Jan 2017

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 News by techrevel

  All right Samsung Galaxy fans; this is what you all have been waiting for. The Samsung Galaxy series is all set to welcome its new S8 and S8 Plus models. But what features will be added and what design changes will be made to these new models? Let’s find out. After the catastrophe that was the Note 7, people have been expecting something spectacular from Samsung. And spectacular ... Read More

samsung s8
17 Jan 2017

SpaceX to hopes to launch Soon; explosion investigation ends by techrevel

SpaceX in partnership with space and federal safety agencies including NASA and FAA have put an end to their investigation of an explosion incident that took place in September last year. The incident took place on one of the launch pads at Cape Canaveral during which one of the SpaceX rockets had exploded. The stringent investigation included a detailed analysis of all data recording of that day ... Read More


samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Exposes The Risk by techrevel

If you’re traveling via a flight, remember to switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and put it in your carry bag before you step inside the plane. The Aviation Ministry has issued strict guidelines, after reports of the phone’s battery exploding made tech headlines around the world. What gives? Samsung has recalled over 2.5 million Note 7 handsets sold since its launch this year. Apar ... Read More

samsung note 7 recall

Best smartphones to buy in under Rs. 15,000 by techrevel

Are you looking to buy a new smartphone? If yes, be assured that there is a great range of options available in the market today across various budget segments. If you are considering a smartphone that costs Rs. 15,000 or less, then this the ultimate list of all your options in September 2016. There are some good picks even under Rs. 10,000. The list below features smartphones released in India s ... Read More

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