3 Apr 2017

Move over Apple: The Samsung S8 has finally arrived by Aapt Dubey

Recently Samsung has unveiled their latest flagship smart phone, dubbed as the Samsung S8. This phone has revolutionized the design and capabilities by breaking through the confines of smart phone displays, as it has a large immersive screen that provides pure content that is unparallel in comparison. Samsung has combined beauty and performance in seamless fashion to create the S8, which is exactl ... Read More

18 Mar 2017

The Next Generation of Roomba Vacuum Cleaners by Aapt Dubey

When it comes to high end vacuum cleaning, nothing beats the Roomba vacuum cleaner. This innovative product was initially launched in September 2002 and has come a very long way since then. For the past few years, the Roomba has been dominating the vacuum cleaner industry as it made cleaning fun and completely hassle free. All you had to do was push a button and leave the rest to the Roomba Vacuum ... Read More

6 Mar 2017

Power Vision Power Ray Underwater Drone:-Virtual Reality by Aapt Dubey

2016 has been an epic year for the drone industry. There are so many innovative drones out there that are giving consumers a glimpse into what the future holds. The most profound drone that has hit the market with a bang is the Power Vision Power Ray Underwater Drone. Yes, you did read that right, Power Ray has launched a drone that can operate underwater. This drone is one of the first of its ... Read More

5 Mar 2017

Parrot Disco:-latest form of drone by Aapt Dubey

The name may sound to be misleading but Parrot’s Disco is in reality the latest form of drone that has been launched in the market. Its design is a lot different than other quad-copters available in the market. This is a fixed wing drone; this is why it cannot hover over a particular spot. The design isn’t new; these types of drones were designed in the past too but they all were for a ... Read More

4 Mar 2017

Neofect Rapael:- A smart glove by Aapt Dubey

The Neofect Rapael is a smart glove that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It is the perfect depiction of how technology is changing people’s lives for the better, as this glove is a revolutionary idea to help rehabilitate a patient’s hand. This smart glove has completely revamped the bar set for health care robotics as instead thousands of dollars of outpatient care ... Read More

20 Feb 2017

Livestream Movi:- the implementation of live-streaming by Aapt Dubey

The Livestream Movi camera has given users powers they could only imagine, now through one camera, users have the ability to stream live high definition videos to anyone. Besides this, the livestream Movi allows users to immediately share video clips on every social media platform to make sure all of your friends and family members never miss a single moment. Those days are gone when you would ... Read More

18 Feb 2017

New Launched LG W7 OLED TV by Aapt Dubey

LG’s commitment to using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is apparent from the 10 models it already has which utilize that technology. Its 2017 Flagship model, the LG W7 OLED TV, is no exception. Let’s see what LG has in store! Specs and Picture Quality It is available in 65 and 77 inch variants and looks to be more promising than last year’s Picture-On-Glass ... Read More

14 Feb 2017

Wait, what? Am I hearing this right? A Lego Cat? by Aapt Dubey

Wait, what? Am I hearing this right? A Lego Cat?” In a word, yes! Apparently, there is not just Frankie, the Lego Cat but 4 other possibilities, including a small tractor, Vernie, a lego humanoid robot standing at 1 foot tall, a colorful guitar and a 3D printer called Autobuild capable of creating its own Lego creations. Talk about self sufficient huh? It’s a new era in the re ... Read More

10 Feb 2017

Ehang Passenger Drone –Cleared for Testing by Aapt Dubey

No child would have ever dreamed of achieving a lifestyle akin to that shown in a futuristic cartoon named ‘The Jetsons’. Yet here we are with miraculous advances in robotics and flying cars that have completely changed the way we live and work. The good thing is that it’s just the beginning. Ehang, a Chinese company, launched its first-ever unmanned aerial vehicle at the Consume ... Read More

9 Feb 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Quad copter by techrevel

DJI is a name that is not new to drone and photography enthusiasts everywhere; they have built their reputation as a trustworthy brand when it comes to drones as they have released durable and smart drones that have been of use to many specialties and fields that require the use of a drone. The DJI Mavic Pro is yet another addition to DJI’s portfolio, and it comes with its own set of special ... Read More

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