24 Apr 2017

Orbital System has managed to raise £15 Million for NASA Inspired Technology by Aapt Dubey

Efficient access to pure water plays an integral role in the collective development of a society, but even then, many water projects fail due to lack of integration and the excessive use of water and energy. However Orbital systems have solved this dilemma by developing a new purification technology that reduces the amount of water and energy used while taking a shower. This technology has been de ... Read More

17 Apr 2017

Indian Based Doctor has managed to raise over $3M for Booking Platform by Aapt Dubey

An Indian health tech startup company called Lybrate is building the future of health care delivery and is revolutionizing the way patients can seek medical. They have created a seamless pathway through which patients can easily contact doctors that are in their proximity. Lybrate is India’s first mobile healthcare communication and delivery platform, this company has overcome the onerous hu ... Read More

6 Apr 2017

Robinhood’s Stock Trading App is now valued at $1.3 Billion thanks to raise from DST by Aapt Dubey

The Robinhood trading app is one of the first of its kind and its sole purpose is to democratize financial markets. It allows users to purchase and sell stocks without any commission. The app was hailed by stock market tycoons all around the states as it provided them with a platform to invest in the stock market without any commission costs! On the other hand, many brokerage firms have started ... Read More

23 Mar 2017

Google Acquires Kaggle! by Aapt Dubey

Kaggle is a platform for analytics competitions and for prognostic modeling. This innovative company was founded in 2010 and since then has come a very long way and currently employ a vast network of almost half a million scientists who pioneer in data science. According to reports, Kaggle has managed to accumulate a staggering $12.5million over a span of 6 years and only time will tell how this v ... Read More

21 Mar 2017

Walmart has Acquired ModCloth! by Aapt Dubey

Yes, you read that right. One of the largest multinational retail corporations has recently diversified into an entirely new field by acquiring ModCloth. Walmart currently operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount departments stores and grocery stores, but that will all change now with its latest acquisition of ModCloth. This deal was finalized last Friday and included assets and operations. The ... Read More

28 Feb 2017

AngelList Acquires Product Hunt, What Next For The Combine? by Aapt Dubey

Product Hunt began with all about new tech products website when it was launched back in 2013. Now it has become the number 1 launch pad for product-based startups. The common interest has made AngelList, the LinkedIn equivalent for startups, to acquire Product Hunt for 20 million dollars. The price was reported first by Recode. Product Hunt which decides the popularity of apps, tools and we ... Read More

product hunt
11 Jan 2017

Tesla and SolarCity merge for $2.6 billion by techrevel

The Silicon Valley electric car maker, Tesla Motors Inc recently announced the merger of SolarCity with it. SolarCity is a prime rooftop solar installer. The two companies agreed to merge at a price of $2.6 billion. Tesla's offer to SolarCity came into the news in June. The companies issued a joint statement. They said the solar energy and storage would do awesome if combined. That's what ... Read More

tesla and solarcity
11 Jan 2017

Airbnb files to raise $850 million at a $30 billion valuation by techrevel

The top home sharing company based in San Francisco, Airbnb Inc. is raising a huge lump of $850 million as disclosed to the State Delaware. This equity round elevates the valuation of the company to a whopping $30 billion. Private stock market company Equidate, stipulated a 28 paged filing on July 28th. It raised an even bigger sum of 1.6 billion last year which lists in the biggest VC rounds in ... Read More

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