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3 hours ago

Android Assistant stops Assisting by Ruchika S

Lately, Android wear users have been increasingly reporting the malfunctioning of the Google's Android Assistant in their devices. The virtual assistant issues have percolated into the quite a lot of the functions not working as intended. These niggles in the working of the virtual assistant were reported right after Google pushed its most recent update onto its smart wearables. As of now, ... Read More

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3 days ago

Sarahah : Should you or should you not hop onto the bandwagon? by Ruchika S

Sarahah, an Arabic word that translates to “honesty” and “candor” in the parlance of the English language was till the start of the year just limited to the Arab world. But the word has suddenly acquired popularity of late. Read on to find out why!! What's the rage about Sarahah? “Sarahah”, the word's on almost everyone's lips these days, why y ... Read More

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3 days ago

Upcoming Surprises Revealed by Lenovo at IFA 2017 in a Teaser Video by Ruchika S

There is excitement galore for the upcoming IFA Berlin 2017, as many renowned companies are gearing up for launching their new smart phones during the event. One such company that has in store many interesting models to watch out for is Lenovo!  In fact, the recent teaser video posted by Lenovo has fuelled our excitement about Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z2 Force, Lenovo Yoga Tablet and many more e ... Read More

3 days ago

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A to be launched soon! by Ruchika S

For all those who are already fascinated with the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 but find it slightly out of their budget, here is some good news! Believed to be a step down version of the popular Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A is gearing up for its release very soon. When comparered, both the phones differ in terms of RAM and screen size. Everything else remains almost the same. On on ... Read More

4 days ago

Gmail for iOS now Anti-phishing Equipped by Ruchika S

It's the age of cyber crime. The scariest prospect nowadays is not being killed in real but being killed electronically. We have gone the electronic way in most of the things in the world at present because of the benefits it offers. We store, send, buy, post, even travel (Google Earth) etc. on the web. The risk has increased manifold over the years with privacy and confidentiality being co ... Read More

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4 days ago

Grab the New and Affordable Coolpad THD-M0 Smart phone by Ruchika S

Are you ready to check out a new handset from Coolpad? Well, then here is some good news for you. Recently, Coolpad THD-MO Smart Phone was seen hitting the TENNA Database listing. Hopes are high that this one is going to be an affordable handset that will be in easy reach of a majority of users. With decent features, the upcoming Coolpad THD-MO Smart Phone won’t disappoint you in terms of ca ... Read More

5 days ago

Snap acquires Zenly for 213 Million USD by Ruchika S

Snap Inc., the firm that owns the hugely popular social media app Snapchat, had coughed up 213 million US dollars for its acquisition of the social maps app Zenly, as duly stated in its 10-Q SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) filings document. Snap’s stock took a beating post its announcement that its earnings for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 were below expectations as well as its dismal gro ... Read More

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5 days ago

Track it all with the New Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch by Ruchika S

Fitbit, a popular fitness gadget maker, is gearing up to launch its very first smart watch. People these days want everything on the move and that is why designing something like a smart watch  is a smart idea indeed! Expected to sport a stylish design that resembles clos ely the Blaze Fitness Watch, this soon to be launched smart watch from the house of Fitbit is expected to track even yo ... Read More

5 days ago

Moto X4 - The New Moto is on its way! by Ruchika S

Get ready to welcome yet another smart phone from Motorola in the popular Moto Series by the end of this month! Yes, you got us right, this time, we are talking about the Moto X4 Smart phone - The New Moto! Expected to be released officially on August, 2017, the new Moto X4 will be a high end phone featuring the best of features and technologies. Be it in terms of RAM or camera, this phone is expe ... Read More

15 Aug 2017

Bitcoin - The Next Financial Bubble? by Ruchika S

Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, is not showing any signs of slow down. It just recently surmounted peak 4K USD sometime ago. Let that just settle in... 4000 USD for a single Bitcoin! Valuation An hour before Bitcoin touched 4000 USD, it was trading at 3700 USD. At the time this article was written, Bitcoin was trading at 4074 USD after touching ... Read More

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