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Ruchika is a writer whose areas of interest span across diverse domains such as travel, forex, e-commerce, education, digital marketing, smartcards, lifestyle, news, startup ecosystem etc. After having spent her formative years at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, she went on to complete her MBA from IIT, Roorkee and then enjoyed over a decade long career as an HR professional with renowned MNCs. It's been over 4 years since she found her true calling as a writer. Her other interests include music, traveling and spending time with her beloved pets.

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19 Jul 2017

What makes Special Edition of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphone perfect for mobile devices? by Ruchika Sharma

Beyerdynamic has finally launched the much awaited Special Edition of DT 770 Pro Headphones for mobile devices. Designed especially to deliver optimal sound experience in various situations and applications, these new headphones from the German company Beyerdynamic are a must-have for those who spend hours listening music or audios through their mobile devices. This latest edition to the highly ... Read More

17 Jul 2017

Samsung goes pink with its new Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Smart Phone by Ruchika Sharma

Samsung goes pink with its new Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) smart phone that is expected to be released globally with a bang bringing back the famous J7 series of Samsung into limelight. Rumored to be the first Samsung phone with a dual camera set up, Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) will definitely turn out to be a camera lover’s delight. Design & Display: This much awaited smart phone from the ... Read More

17 Jul 2017

Auto Backup and Sync - Google at it again by Ruchika Sharma

Google, the Mountain View C.A. based search engine giant which has started specializing in the internet and related products and services has gone ahead and added one more feather to their already illustrious feathered hat. The company which after some restructuring done based on the verticals and products they are into now is a subsidiary under 'Alphabet’ with Larry Page as CEO of the t ... Read More

Google backup
16 Jul 2017

A 3D printed Human Heart by Ruchika Sharma

Medical science has jumped leaps and bounds since the early 20th century to reach where it is right now. Along with medical science making advancements all over the world, the ancillaries to the medical industry too are making strides of their own with the growing needs and time. A very stand out ancillary, the prosthetics industry has been making its own strides in bionics, osseointegration an ... Read More

25 - heart
15 Jul 2017

The Kano Pixel Kit by Ruchika Sharma

Start early and beat the average learning curve, someone would have said. Nowadays with the world becoming so smart and connected, the children in our society are being exposed to information at a very rapid pace and a very early stage. Contrary to the belief that they will not be able to process it, they are very-well managing it. That’s not all. These kids are ‘pros’ in handlin ... Read More

27 - Kano
14 Jul 2017

Now Try the Apple Smart-Home Experience by Ruchika Sharma

Recently, there was an article which went about stating the different reasons as to why we haven’t  been hearing of any new big startup emerge from Silicon Valley and impact our lives the way Intel, Apple, Google and Facebook have. While there are various ideas, progress on which is underway, the last big thing was Facebook, which happened 13 years ago. However, it all ultimately boi ... Read More

22 - apple smart home
14 Jul 2017

What all to expect in the Upcoming Xiaomi Mi7 Smart phone? by Ruchika Sharma

After its quick rise on the popularity charts as a smart phone maker, Xiaomi comes with some or the other new phone model in the market. This time, the buzz is high about its upcoming Xiaomi Mi7 smart phone model, which is yet to be released. This one is expected to be a high end smart phone featuring a sleeker look and an advanced 25 MP camera.  Design & Display: In terms of design ... Read More

14 Jul 2017

Explore Samsung Galaxy Note FE Phablet before its official launch by Ruchika Sharma

If you were already going gaga over Samsung Galaxy Note, then here is some good news for you! Now, Samsung will launch its refurbished version called Samsung Galaxy Note FE. This Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition or the FE model is expected to be released overseas by the end of this month. Although, this upcoming phablet is going to retain most of the previously enjoyed features of Samsung Galaxy No ... Read More

13 Jul 2017

Hello New Moto! by Ruchika Sharma

Motorola Mobility, the hived off firm from Motorola Corp, under the aegis of Lenovo, is driving a hard bargain for us to look up and take notice of their doings in the tech world. Since the time Motorola has moved from its parent company to Google and then onto Lenovo (a move that did turn quite a few heads, as Google was touted to be the white knight by acquiring them), Motorola has been belting ... Read More

Hello New Moto
13 Jul 2017

A battery-less Smartphone? by Ruchika Sharma

A mobile phone is one device we can’t imagine living without today. These phones have come a long way from being just a calling device to now serving as an anytime, anywhere camera or even allowing us to replace our laptops for several chores. The latest challenge mobile companies are facing is the battery. The smartphones are so addictive and everyone is just so engrossed in the device. ... Read More

18 - battery less phone